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As we draw nearer to the death of the current reigning British monarch, it seems increasingly possible that we may soon lose Harry too.


Author Tom Bower says the royal family is hugely nervous about Prince Harry’s memoir.

Concern is voiced by members of the Royal Family after Queen Elizabeth II’s death and funeral for Prince Harry’s forthcoming memoir. In the words of Harry, the Duke of Sussex’s explosive memoir could reveal more dirty laundry about the royal family. Originally scheduled to release in November, the book has been pushed back to some time in 2019. To find out more, Page Six spoke with royal biographer Tom Bower…

Prince Harry’s memoir sounds like it is quite incendiary.

Tom Bower, author of The Broken Crown, stated that Prince Harry’s memoir has the royal family feeling uneasy. Harry’s work reported he wanted to rework parts of the book after Queen Elizabeth II’s death on September 8th. Bower revealed to The Telegraph, that Harry’s revelations could upset the monarchy and believes this is a time bomb because Harry doesn’t know when to stop having things out with the other royals. Nevertheless, Bower does not agree with this: “I think everyone knows that the Sussexes cannot change the book in any way. Can they make it nastier? Otherwise, we wouldn’t sell anything.”

Newly revealed details about Prince Harry’s memoirs.
Thomas Bower has also indicated that rumor from London supposes that Prince Harry’s highly anticipated memoir will release around the Easter season in 2023, which is more importantly, will contain a chapter on the Queen’s funeral: “And there’ll just be more material about how they were snubbed and all the rest of the invective against the royal family. So I think to that extent, the delay will add to the poison.”

The moves they’re pointing at him include a ban on wearing his military uniform during his grandmother’s funeral events—which he was eventually given permission to wear during Queen Elizabeth’s final vigil by her son, King Charles III—alongside Prince Harry and Meghan Markle being reportedly uninvited from Queen Elizabeth II’s pre-funeral reception hosted by Charles III and Camilla for world leaders and foreign royals at Buckingham Palace.

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