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Are Celebrity Mom Better Parents Than Us Non-Famous Moms?


The first rule of motherhood has always been to not compare yourself to other moms. This is something moms are told over and over, never compare.

It’s the quickest way to feel bad about yourself and your parenting style, and it’s not an accurate measure of how you’re doing as a mother.

However, like many things, this is easier said than done. It’s easy to browse social media and compare yourself to other moms.

The life of the moms looks clear, the moms never seem to have a bad day, and the moms’ kids always seem well-behaved.

It’s also common for moms to compare themselves to celebrity moms. They read magazines, online blogs and browse their social media, convinced that celebrity moms must be much better than our “regular” moms.

They must never struggle to wake up in the middle of the night, or there are times when they feel like they can’t go on any longer. They must love their mother all the time, and that must make them happier.

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Why do we think they are better?

It’s important to first look at why we think celebrities must be better parents, and the biggest reason is because we think motherhood can be a lot easier for them.

Honestly, they have a lot of money, which means they can hire help – babysitters or even night nurses to see the kids at night so they can sleep. They can give their kids everything they ask for, and it must feel good.

However, the most important thing to remember is that money really can’t buy happiness, does endless resources really make you happier, or does it mean you’re better at something?

they need help too

As far as she knows, it’s important to remember that the reason celebrities hire help is that they need it too. They struggle with parenting and parenting, which is why they get help.

The difference is that they are able to get help financially. Shonda Rhimes, who has been open about using babysitters before, said she was honest with them when people asked how she did it.

She said she always told people she was helpful, and she said that parenting wasn’t easy for her, so she knew it wasn’t easy for anyone else who wasn’t helping.

different, not better

It might help to change the way we think about celebrity parents and realize that their lives may have been different, but not better.

According to Motherly, Chrissy Teigen is another celebrity mom who admits she wouldn’t be able to do this without the help she got. Amanda Seyfried is another mum who has openly admitted how much help she has received and how she knows how lucky it is. It seems that even celebrity moms don’t think they’re better than us.

EOnline said it might also be helpful to look at the struggles celebrity moms face to show that their lives aren’t perfect. When you’re a celebrity mom, your every moment and parenting decision is broadcast and posted online for everyone to critique and pick on. If we think shaming moms is gross for us regular moms, it’s ten times as bad for celebrity moms.

Source: She Knows, Mother, EOnline

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