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Don’t we all like to watch? friends and re-run? But there is one example that we can all think of, and that is Fiorbi. Ross asks Fiobi to share a stick of gum, and Fiobi opens her bag to find a show, a goldfish, and many other things besides gum. We bet we are all like that. We carry huge bags with our whole world and sometimes, a bunch of useless stuff.

We’re investigating 5 heroines who have previously shared useful, necessary, and very practical things they carry in their bags. Take a look at:

Deepika Padukone

Among the many things the heroine carries with her, one thing she always has is stain remover. Whether it’s food stains or coffee stains, this detergent bar acts like a brightener.

Mira Rajput

Instead of rubber and other incompatible fabrics, Mila used a sil scrunchie to tie her hair up. Over time, numerous studies have also proven that silk hair ties are softer on the hair and smoother on the scalp, preventing breakage and hair loss.

Anushka Sharma

Did you know that you get a separate Band-Aid for cuts/wounds from show bites. Now this is something every fashionista should have.

Kendall Jenner

You know if Kenall has it in her bag, you need to have it too. Kendall always carries a moisturizing lip balm with you, and you must too.

Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri’s bag is full of essentials and a few things everyone needs to carry. But one thing that is absolutely necessary is a toilet seat sanitizer.

What other cool things are in your bag? Tweet us @TimesNow and let us know…

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