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Anthony Starr Reveals The Boys’ Secret to Casting Celebrity Guest Stars


Anthony Starr, who played Homelander on The Boys, discusses the show’s unique approach to bringing celebrity guest stars to the series.

The following contains spoilers for season 3 boysnow streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

boys Anthony Starr explains how the show gets celebrity cameos.

In an interview with CinePOP, Starr was asked along with co-stars Jensen Ackles, Claudia Doumit and Nathan Mitchell who they would like to see in boys‘The fourth season. “The answer is almost infinite,” Starr said. “There are so many great people out there. I’m going to guide [showrunner Eric Kripke] for a while and then say ‘who answered the phone [executive producer] Seth Rogen. Because I think that’s how we get celebrities to do these things. Seth called his friends and said, “Do you want to be on the show?” Luckily, he knew cool enough people, he was a good enough guy, he had good enough friendships that people would say ‘yes’ , we will do it. ‘”

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Season 3 boys Continuing the series’ trend of inviting celebrities to imitate and twist the entertainment industry, starting with the premiere episode, Charlize Theron made a cameo appearance in the movie Stormfront Seven DawnSome of the most high-profile performances came on “Herogasm,” when Abyss led a chorus of stars on John Lennon’s “Imagine,” parodying March 2020’s Gal Gadot doing the same thing.Kripke explained the thought process behind the sequence, saying “I like wonder woman Movies, I understand and respect [Gadot] Kindly approached it. But, I think she admits it now, but it’s like being really deaf, everybody’s freaking out, really locked up, but that out of tune song by a bunch of celebrities is what you all need Happy again. It was ultimately a blow to the celebrity bubble. “

Rogan himself appeared in the episode “Last Watch This World of Lies” as a super-porn patron watching the livestream of the Crimson Countess played by Laurie Holden. “I think [the scene] Super funny.A lot of the scenes were improvised,” Holden explained in an interview. “That’s what boys – They support you, they are very friendly and collaborative and you can fly creatively. A lot of what I did there just got inspired in that moment and ended up being completely blown away. “

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Amazon Studios has been updated boys Season 4, currently in development Boys Gift: Varsity Team, a spin-off that will follow the future heroes of Godokin University’s crime-fighting academy, an academy training the next generation of Walter-backed super academies.Kripke confirmed that plot threads and characters came from boys will appear in School teamsaid, “There’s definitely a crossover, and we’re doing our best to design a universe that takes some of the issues and storylines from season 3 over to season one of season 3. School team. Like there was a presidential campaign in the context of that season and something that happened at that school was a reaction to season 3 boys. “

all three seasons boys Available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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