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Anny Osabutey: In Ghana, being an “ekutiabor celebrity” gives you prominence


In a recent WhatsApp chat room conversation, a friend asked a very simple question; what makes a person famous in Ghana?

Someone is trying to give an answer that others agree with. You must be “extremely insulting”, one said. Another said you must be noisy, and it doesn’t even make sense.

Then someone said nude videos on social media were all it needed. Must be released and await public response. If there is a backlash due to inappropriate content, stand up and wave the apology flag.

The next step is to make excuses, which don’t have to be reasonable; just anything to bridge the cracks, even if it doesn’t have the desired effect. All they would say is that the phone was hacked and that whoever did it was trying to blackmail them.

Then they’ll go dormant for a few weeks, but keep up with how the video is trending. Once the coast is clear and no one seems to be watching, they drop bikinis or shirtless “hot” pictures, change individuals on social media accounts (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc.) with newfound celebrity or influencer hashtags material.

Their videos will soon start posting on the WhatsApp gossip platform. They are quickly inundated with friend requests. Their DMs can be crowded. Other videos will follow soon. A sleazy article about them will appear in the blogsphere.

The next stage is to find an existing debate between “celebrities” or issues, inserting yourself into the thread by inheriting the “beef”. Stand aside and attack each other with insults and wild claims. Show producers will start sending out invites to their shows.

A “celebrity” was born

Several definitions have been developed to describe what constitutes a celebrity and the roles that fall within this framework. There is no one-size-fits-all definition, but there are some that agree that such a person must be a popular figure.

“A person may acquire celebrity status by having enormous wealth, being involved in sports or entertainment, being a political figure, or even being associated with another celebrity. ‘Celebrity’ usually means a favorable public image, rather than a neutral ‘famous’ or “Notorious”, or negatively “notorious” and “notorious,” is how Wikipedia describes it.

In most advanced societies, celebrity culture is more than just walking around with hashtags and insulting each other on social media as this has become a trend in Ghana. Our so-called celebrities are always verbally attacking each other instead of using their “fame” to push the right things that society demands of them.

These are the people who dominate the headlines. Rocky Dawuni is a veritable celebrity whose advocacy for climate change is admired by the global community, but his recent work has been overlooked by bloggers and other writers who focus on sharing Content that gets bogged down by abusive language and attacks.

Rocky doesn’t fit that profile, and would rather ignore an environment-saving cleanup, but report on child abuse by two expected level-headed “celebrities” on social media.

The past few weeks have seen more and more “celebrity” wars on social media.From Accra to New York to London and back to Accra, these ‘ekutiabor celebrity’ Not only insulted and embarrassed himself, but also dragged his own children into madness.

They also used their alleged childlessness or marital status to beat each other and who slept with which politician for money, cars and trips to Europe and the US. It’s disgusting that adults fail to recognize how their so-called beef affects their children’s well-being in public.

According to a 2020 New York Times article, fame has changed a lot. It says the internet has shattered the glass pedestals of celebrities into countless pieces — turning everyone from TikTok users to geologists into stars.

Fame is corrosive, and once you give up, even the most ardent fans will treat you like a piece of junk that never existed in their good books.

So, after all the insults and attacks on each other for fame and fortune, in the end, who really matters?


Anny Osabutey (PrampramFisherman) is an avid country traveler, broadcast journalist, author, documentary filmmaker, amateur filmmaker/photographer, and co-founder of the Prampram Travel Centre.

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