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Ananya Panday To Make OTT Debut ‘Call Me Bae’ Led By Karan Johar’s Dharmatic



Ananya Panday is expected to make her OTT debut through Karan Johar’s digital subsidiary, Dharmatic Entertainment, after making her Bollywood debut through Dharma Productions. According to rumors, Ananya Panday will soon begin filming Call me bae, an OTT series that will have its world premiere on Amazon Prime.

The actress will reportedly portray a rich fashionista in the series. She is predicted to come from an extremely prosperous family and become embroiled in a major affair. The girl’s path of self-discovery will then begin from that point. In addition to Ananya Panday, a well-known name is anticipated to star in the series, but there is yet no official word on this. Colin D’Cunha will direct the television program.

Ananya Panday will finish filming her forthcoming movie Dream Girl 2 before Call Me Bae. She and Vijay Deverkonda were last spotted in Liger.

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