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All The Celebrity Couples Married In 2022


The Altar Calls: All Celebrity Couples Getting Married in 2022

Imani Nunes

Two years after COVID delayed and revolutionized weddings, 2022 is back to lavish celebrations—for ordinary people, but especially for celebrities.

From all-red vow renewals to destination weddings in Anguilla and fantastic ceremonies in Italy, there have been many star weddings.

unsafe Star Jay Ellis is the latest celebrity to say “I do” as he tied the knot in Tuscany with longtime partner and Serbian actress Nina Senikar. The big day comes two years after they originally planned to exchange vows due to the pandemic and personal trials.

“As the world slowly started to open up in 2021, we lost our family, which caused us to be away from home for about eight or nine months, which caused us to have to change our plans again,” Seneca told Reuters Fashion, who are exclusive on their big day. “We finally landed on July 9, 2022.”

The couple join a growing list of celebrities who have made time for love and marriage this year, enjoying celebrations that couldn’t have happened not so long ago. See who’s already said “I do” as we continue to add to the list of celebrity weddings happening in 2022.

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