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Alex Rodriguez Wishes Jennifer Lopez The Best After Her Marriage to Ben Affleck


In the past, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez had a good relationship, according to Alex Rodriguez.

Things seem good between the former partners Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez, judging from the ex-athlete’s recent interview. Rodriguez appeared on Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? and candidly discussed his ex-fiancee who married Ben Affleck this year. Those not well-informed may think that A-Rod and J.Lo have been engaged from March 2019 up to the time they announced their breakup in April 2021.

Us Weekly

he told reporters about Jennifer Lopez’s wedding to Ben Affleck: “It was a good experience.”. The “very best” wishes were also extended to Lopez’s twins Emme and Maximilian, 14: as for her children, who are smart, beautiful and wonderful, I wish them all the best.” Back when they were still together, it seemed that Rodriguez and Madonna’s relationship was cordial, but that Jennifer had a very close relationship with Rodriguez’s two kids – Natasha, 17, and Ella, 14.

alex Rodriguez couldn’t help but laugh as he quipped, “I’m glad I won’t ever be a presidential candidate because you will hammer me.”

A few months ago, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez decided to break up. To clear the air, they have decided to make a joint statement about their split with TODAY. “We have decided that we’re better off as friends and will stay friends and support one another on our shared business. We wish the best for one another and the children. All we want to say, for now, is thanks for all of your kind words and support.”

Jennifer Lopez rekindled her romance with Ben Affleck after breaking off her engagement with Alex Rodriguez. In April of this year, she confirmed her engagement to the 50-year-old Oscar-winning actor, 20 years after Bennifer’s first proposal. Initially, the couple tied the knot in a small ceremony in Las Vegas before hosting a big wedding with close family and friends at Ben Affleck’s Georgia estate in August.

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