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Alamy: The Best Place to License Your Photos


Alamy is one of the best stock photography websites for licensing your images and making money as a photographer. Whether you’re new to the world of stock photography or have been shooting all your life, Alamy can help you make money faster and easier than any other stock photo agency. Why? Because they’ve designed their website around photographers, not website visitors. They cater to creative professionals and give them what they need to succeed. Check out this list of reasons why Alamy is the best place to license your photos and make money as a photographer.

Alamy Has the Biggest Library of Exclusive Photos

Alamy’s library of stock photos is the biggest in the industry. The company currently licenses over 50 million photos, illustrations, and videos and has over 5 million media customers, including online publishers, ecommerce retailers, advertisers, and more. This massive library has been growing quickly over the years, thanks to partnerships with the world’s largest photo agencies. They’ve partnered with Getty Images, Rex Features, Barcroft Media, and many more, which allows them to offer the most exclusive stock photos to their customers. Exclusive photos are important, as it means that no other stock photo website can license your photo. This gives you more control over your images and how you make money from them.

You’ll Get Paid Fast With Alamy

One of the biggest complaints about stock photo websites is how long it takes to get paid. Some agencies take months to pay their contributors, and others offer a lower percentage of royalties. Alamy has been working hard to change their payment speed and now pays photographers within 14 days of the end of the month. For example, if you license your photos in February, you’ll get paid in mid-March. This is one of the fastest payment speeds in the industry, and it’s one less thing you have to worry about as a photographer. Plus, you get paid by check, not as a direct deposit or PayPal payment. This allows you to keep all your earnings, while other agencies require a portion go through their payment system.

Alamy Offers Exclusive Licensing Options for Photographers

When you license your photos with Alamy, you have the option to set your pricing as exclusive or non-exclusive. Exclusive licensing means the image is only available for purchase on Alamy’s website. This means your photo is not for sale on Getty Images, Shutterstock, or any other stock photo site. Non-exclusive licensing means your photo is available for purchase on Alamy and other websites as well. This is something you’ll want to discuss with your stock photography website before signing up as a contributor. If you go exclusive with Alamy, you’ll make more money per photo. That’s because the demand is higher for exclusive content and there’s less competition among the photographers.

You Can Make Money Even If People Don’t License Your Photo

If you’re just getting started with stock photography, you might be wondering how you’ll make money if no one licenses your photos. Alamy gives you a chance to make money through other ways, such as a “buy now” button on your photos. You can even make money if no one licenses your photo and it ends up in the Alamy Archive. How? The Archive is a collection of images from the top contributors that didn’t sell through Alamy. Customers can purchase these images for a one-time fee, and you get paid for your work. It’s sort of like a super low-budget stock photo library. Alamy also has an “ask us” button that lets you suggest usages of your photos. If an advertiser or website owner sees your photo and wants to use it for their business, you can let them know how much it costs to use your photo. You aren’t guaranteed to make any money from these “ask us” buttons, but it’s another way to get paid. You also have the opportunity to get free publicity and make money through other marketing options with Alamy. You can sign up to be a contributor on the Alamy website, which lets you add your photos to the database.

You Have Other Marketing Options With Alamy

As we just mentioned, you can also market your photos through the Alamy website. The website lets you add your images and information, and you can upload your own portfolio or create a new account. One of the best ways to market your photos is to add them to a themed collection. You can create themed collections for holidays and special events, such as Halloween and Christmas. Or, you can create collections based on your photo style and genre, like travel, food & drink, and more. Creating themed collections is one of the best ways to get your images in front of the right customers and make more money as a photographer. You can also add your photos to the Hotlist, which is a list of the most popular searches on the website. You can also sign up to be a contributor to the Alamy newsletter, giving you another way to promote your work.

Final Verdict: Is Alamy the Best Place to License Your Photos?

If you’re still not sure if Alamy is the best place to license your photos, here’s a quick list of reasons why it’s a top stock photography website. Alamy offers more exclusive images than any other website in the industry. They’ve also worked hard to speed up the payment process and offer other ways to make money even if no one licenses your photos. Plus, you can create themed collections and promote your work with the Alamy newsletter. Whether you’re new to the world of stock photography or have been shooting all your life, Alamy can help you make money faster and easier than any other stock photo agency.

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