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Agoda Hacks: How to Save Money on Your Next Booking


Agoda.com, a website for booking hotels, is a terrific place to look for cheap lodging in almost any part of the world. There are methods to cut costs when using Agoda, but there are ways to cut costs with any service that you pay a membership fee to access. The business has a wide range of membership tiers, each of which gives variable degrees of savings on your subsequent reservations. There is no “correct” way to use Agoda to make reservations, but by using these methods and strategies, you can almost always get the best deal on a hotel room.

When booking with Agoda, utilising the appropriate tactics can help you save a tonne of money, regardless of whether you’re organising your next vacation or are just looking for a new place to stay in your favourite vacation area.

Create an account on Agoda.

First, make sure you have an Agoda account before you begin booking your hotel stays. You may keep your information for future quick retrieval by creating a free Agoda account. If you travel regularly and make plenty of reservations each year, this is extremely helpful. If you make a lot of reservations, you might want to think about the Premier membership level, which offers extra perks and savings.

Use credit cards with cash rewards.

Popular credit card reward programmes can help you save a lot of money each year. Make sure you utilise the rewards programmes offered by your credit card issuer when making a reservation on Agoda. Credit card issuers frequently collaborate with online travel agencies, giving you a reward credit for a portion of your reservation.

You can use a cash-back credit card with Agoda to receive a portion of the cost of your booking as cash that can be used to cover additional costs. Find the finest card for you by doing some comparison shopping among the many travel rewards cards offered by the majority of credit card issuers.

Look for promotions and special offers.

Check the Agoda website before making your hotel reservation to see if there are any special offers or discounted rates that might be appropriate for that particular reservation. Agoda frequently provides special discounts for particular days of the week, occasions, or seasons of the year. On occasion, the business’s website also runs flash sales and other promotions that let you get discounts on hotel reservations.

Additionally, if you have an Agoda membership or are paying with a cash-back credit card, you can be eligible for a special promotional discount that isn’t always listed on the website.

Examine any special offers and promotions

Despite the excellent Agoda website, you can also find and reserve rooms at a discount via the company’s mobile app. It’s quick and simple to book your accommodations while on the go with the app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices, especially if you’re visiting a new place. Some of the same features available on the website are now available on the Agoda app, including the option to look up certain amenities and read reviews of close-by hotels.

For last-minute reservations or to find hotels in unfamiliar places, the app is ideal. Its highly sophisticated search engine can be used to locate hotels in virtually every city or nation on the planet. Additionally, the app includes multiple different membership tiers, each of which offers discounts on subsequent reservations.

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