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After ‘Thor: Love and Thunder,’ Read These 5 Comics


close all A Marvel movie superhero makeover, nothing is more dramatic or entertaining than Thor.After transforming from an ordinary god brother in 2011 Thor A sullen hammer-wielder in 2013 Thor: The Dark Worldhe has a new attitude Thor: Ragnarok In 2017, in the hands of director Taika Waititi, the mighty Thor not only got a new hairstyle, but also became a hilarious friend of the Avengers.He turned around sadly Avengers: Endgame (Remember Lebowski Thor?), but Thor: Love and Thunder, He was back – again in Waititi’s loving arms.

Waititi isn’t the only one returning love and thunder. It also features Natalie Portman reprising her role as Jane Foster in a move inspired by Jason Aaron’s fan-favorite comic Inspired by the storyline, became the new Thor. That’s not Aaron’s only influence on the film. Christian Bale’s villain Gore is also from the author’s work. Did we interest you?Wondering what other comics might be related to this week’s release love and thunder? Start reading here.

Thor: Thor #1-12 (2012-2013)

Jason Aaron’s first Thor story is an epic dive into the lifespan of the gods over three periods, and it’s an incredibly daring debut. Not only does it introduce the seemingly unstoppable threat of Gore, it also shows Thor growing into someone he never thought he would be. (Side note: there may be some father issues here.) You’ll go to the emotional and violent melodrama, but you’ll probably stay and appreciate the sweet art by Esad Ribic and Matt Wilson, which is rare in superhero comics can become.

Thor #1-8 (2014); mighty thor #1-5, 8-11, 13-14 (2015-2016)

What happens when the sons of Odin are no longer worthy of the magic hammer Mjolnir? Apparently, Hammer went out and found a new owner for himself, thus creating a new Thor, which seems unlikely. Aaron’s smart, fun reboot brings a slew of new fans to the mysterious new Thor (her true identity is a secret, which was a big part of the fun at the time) and newcomer Russell Dautman Delightful Art Excites. Few doubt the tragedy at the heart of the story, but once revealed, it only adds more poignancy.

Valkyrie: Jane Foster #1-10 (2019-2020)

The price of being Thor is heavy. But even after Jane Foster found out how hard it was, Marvel didn’t end her. During this run, she found herself in an even less likely place than Thor: the ferryman after death. With murderous super-villains on the loose – say hello, Daredevil villain Bullseye – and a few familiar and unfamiliar faces on call, a lot has happened to Jane when she might have hoped for a good rest (in peace).

Guardians of the Galaxy #1-18 (2020-2021)

While the version of the team that appears in the series’ latest comic book isn’t quite the same as director James Gunn’s household name, this take on the Guardians is arguably the best it’s been in years. It embraces many of the genres and influences that exist in the conceptual DNA, as well as sci-fi superheroes in general. Also keep an eye out for new additions to the team in this particular roster.Not only are there a few new characters that might become your favorites, but at least one of them should be on your radar, and why will become clear at the end love and thunder.

mighty thor #126, 221, 356 (1966, 1974, 1985)

What makes these three different issues (published more or less ten years apart) love and thunder? Another god who didn’t come from Asgard and didn’t even like Thor’s company at first: Russell Crowe in Zeus’ son Hercules. love and thunder). He’s a great foil for Odin’s favorite offspring, in part because they share many traits: overconfidence, stubbornness, and a love of sleeveless clothing. You really should know about Hercules. After watching this movie, you will understand why.


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