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After Princess Diana’s death, BTS ARMY talked about how Jungkook might be the reincarnation of the beloved Princess.


In the wake of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, BTS ARMY, Princess Diana, and Jungkook trended; in this case, here’s what actually happened.

The wing of the BTS ARMY can be rather imaginative. This we know from the different theories about how Princess Diana may have reincarnated as Jungkook. On August 31, 1997, she passed away and on September 1, 1997, Jungkook was born. Some fans of the beloved prince have drawn many similarities between Jungkook and the popular princess like how their smiles look similar, and even shared pictures of them in cardigans with matching prints. Yesterday, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II died, 96 years old. Her death is a devastating loss for Great Britain. The Queen has been very active even in her old age, and can be seen as a role model to many.

For Chuseok yesterday, BTS also did a Vlive, which is a traditional three-day Korean festival. The festival celebrates the fruits of harvest, and is a time for people to spend time with family and relatives. Most of the members were there, but Jungkook was so sleepy. During a conversation with fans, he said he was possessed by the spirit of late Princess Diana as she passed on the day of the Queen’s demise. He said he had medicine for an allergy that may have caused him to get drowsy. The hashtag #Jungkook began trending under the topic of the royal family. Here is how people reacted.

Although this has not appealed to many people, such as BTS ARMYs. They think the conversation has been initiated by a hater. Elizabeth, the Queen of England, had a special place in the hearts of her citizens. An insensitive theory on the day of her death is insensitive. As we all know, a nation is in mourning. They have always conducted themselves with utmost dignity. Such conspiracy theories do not reflect well on the K-Pop kings.

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