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Addiction Awareness Week: Kate Middleton Acknowledges Recovery Is Possible in Poignant Video

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Queen Elizabeth’s address to people with addiction was given by Kate Middleton. “This is also a serious health issue. Do not let shame stop you from getting the help you need.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a heartfelt message for addicts everywhere. In other words, as the patron of The Forward Trust – a charity which works to help people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction – Diana was present at a poignant video campaign created for the Taking Action on Addiction Campaign, launched on the first day of Addiction Awareness Week on Sunday, October 30, which is the second year of it occurring.

This message was given by Kate Middleton on addiction awareness week of 2022.

“Addiction is a serious mental health condition that can happen to anyone, no matter what age, gender, race or nationality. As Patron of The Forward Trust, I have met many people who’ve suffered from the effects of addiction,” According to Kate Middleton’s moving video for Addiction Awareness Week 2022 via People, a few of the vital elements to helping people suffering from addiction include empathy, tolerance, and most importantly, humility. “Changing attitudes about addiction are saving lives. There’s a long way to go, though, and this road can’t be traveled alone. Together, we have to acknowledge that the only way to help those suffering is to understand why they turn to addiction. To acknowledge their suffering, and to be empathetic towards the battle they wage. More awareness will save lives.”

The “Message of Support” Kate Middleton sent to sufferers of addiction

During Addiction Awareness Week, Kate Middleton shared the following message of support: “the disease of addiction is not a choice. No one chooses to become addicted. I want you to know that this is also a serious health condition. Please don’t let shame keep you from seeking help.”

“The charities leading the Taking Action on Addiction Campaign, along with others, are delivering life-changing work across the country and they are here for you. So, please ask for help. I know this was not a choice. Recovery is possible,” the Duchess of Cambridge thoughtfully concluded.

The former Duchess of Cambridge became The Forward Trust’s patron in June 2021, a month after the organization merged with Action on Addiction. In addition to laying the groundwork for her comprehension of mental health’s complexities, Kate Middleton’s experience with addiction charities over the last decade has also influenced much of her early education work.

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