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Adam Levine denies having cheated on his wife. People online are shocked by Maroon 5’s lead singer who allegedly named his child after his mistress.

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Adam Levine, lead singer of the band Maroon 5, has been accused of having an affair with a model named Sumner. He has now clarified this.

Earlier this week, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine was accused of cheating on his wife. A model named Sumner Stroh posted a video about the scandal on her TikTok account. It makes headlines when Adam’s wife is pregnant with their third child when Sumner shares screenshots of alleged chats between the two of them. The singer has now denied cheating on his wife and having extramarital affairs in an Instagram Story. However, he does admit crossing some lines.

Adam Levine has released a formal apology.
The person said they didn’t have any sort of relationship outside of their marriage but understood how they crossed the line in a regrettable period of their life. All that really matters to him is his family. Adam apologized with this message, My wife and family are all that matters in this world to me. To be this gullible and idiotic enough to risk what I hold dear to me was the worst mistake I could have made. Netizens seem to think he’s saying too little and the words he does have are simply falling on deaf ears and there is plenty of vitriol in Hollywood news for his words. Many are even commenting on Sumner’s alleged claim that Adam wanted to name his child after her because he liked it. The following tweet stated, “I still can’t get past the fact that Adam Levine is really trying to name his unborn child after his mistress.”.

Adam Levine married Behati Prinsloo in 2014, and since then they have been Hollywood’s premier couple. Prinsloo has not responded to anything yet.

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