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Actress Reese Witherspoon is celebrating 20 years since her film ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ was released.


A special tribute was dedicated to her hit film Sweet Home Alabama on Reese Witherspoon’s Instagram account.

In celebration of Reese Witherspoon’s Sweet Home Alabama being twenty years old, her fans are looking back at it with a re-watch. As she celebrated twenty years of her favorite film, the Academy Award-winning actress took to Instagram. They may be basic romantic comedies, but for decades these films have been favorites of lovers and enjoyed by them for many years.

For example, on Saturday, when Witherspoon took to Instagram to post a clip of some of the best moments from the movie, which was chopped up into a video, and then in the caption, she shared her feeling that the release of the movie became a very important life-changing moment for her. Two decades ago, when Sweet Home Alabama came out, it completely changed my life, Adams continued in a post that showed her rocking a top-braid. What amazing memories of shooting this movie with these amazing actors. They all said kind words to me at some point while shooting that movie, I had scenes with them all—Josh, Patrick, Dakota, Melanie, Jean, Ethan, Mary Kay, Fred and Candace, of course!


Reese Witherspoon reminisced on some of her favourite moments from the film, recalling, My favorite scenes and my favorite line…’So I can kiss you anytime I want.’ She then asked her followers, Do you remember seeing it for the first time? The comments in her post demonstrated a wide range of feeling with some saying, BEST MOVIE EVER, and others adding, Feels like yesterday.

Below is the video Witherspoon posted:

There have been many requests for a sequel to the film, but the chances of a sequel seem slim. In a previous interview, actor Josh Lucas who stars in the film spoke, Look, I would love to do the sequel. The issue is that Reese’s a member of the Book Club and so… I hear things like, ‘Oh, you can talk to her about it in five years from now.’ You know, she’s a mogul. per ET Canada.

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