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Actress DeWanda Wise Says Hollywood Needs More Black Action Stars


DeWanda Wise is optimistic about the future of black talent, but insists the studio needs to invest properly to ensure characters are created.

The actress made waves in Hollywood after starring in “Jurassic World Reign,” but she’s been vocal about the lack of action roles for black stars.

Talking to Refinery29 about the issue, DeWanda tentatively said she believes things are changing, but she’s also a realist.

“You’ve got John Boyega and Ray Fisher (in Hollywood) basically yelling (out) bulls,” she said. “Boyega especially likes to say, ‘You can’t create new black heroes if you don’t give them hero moments.’ So that’s part of the cornerstone of our shoot. I think blow the whistle, speak up, and then honestly, make sure we actor ready to work.


“That means they know it takes prep and training and all that stuff, and these studios continue to facilitate that. Pay for the training, pay for the meal plan, and actually provide us with the resources and support to continue to take up space and A possible impact. So I’m optimistic.”

DeWanda also spoke about the influence of “Going Out” director Jordan Peele on the industry. The 38-year-old collaborated with Jordan on an episode of his “Twilight” reboot and says it’s one of her favorite shows.

“I love that space,” she said with a smile. “I went to drama school (and) these genres gave us the greatest appeal because it was the equivalent of Shakespeare and Greek tragedy.

“The stakes are so high, it’s a really fun playground. I really want it for us. There are so many black women who are very clearly not only saying ‘I want to work in this field’ but they’re doing it for themselves be ready.”

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