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Actor-Comedian, Marlon Wayans Weighs in on Love and Acceptance with Celebrity Psychotherapist as Pride Month Concludes


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Actor and comedian Marlon Wayans reveals the ultimate expression of love on the podcast “Understanding the Human Condition.”

As Pride month comes to a close, members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community have been following the stories of hardship, acceptance and advocacy that have shaped the community into what it is today. Actor and comedian Marlon Wayans weaves his experiences into the tapestry of stories in an interview with Dr. James Flowers’ podcast series “Understanding the Human Condition.”

“Acceptance is the greatest love you can have,” Waynes declared. “No one should keep their life secret. Everyone should be able to live a full life.”

When Dr. Flowers asked Waynes’ daughter’s “coming out” experience, Wayans revealed a wide range of reactions from his family. As his daughter approached him, Waynes accepted her with open arms. However, her confession was met with some ambivalence from non-immediate family members. In response to these hesitations, Waynes doubled down on his support for his children.

“It’s your life. Dad loves you as long as you laugh, as long as you’re happy. Love is acceptance,” Waynes said in response to her daughter’s coming out.

Wayans fully supports loving parenting to promote the well-being of children and LGBTQ+ teens so they can live their lives the way they want.

Dr Flowers applauded Wayans’ response to her daughter and offered some advice for struggling parents.

“It’s vital that you continue to support your children when they come out. While you may have a lot of questions, be aware that coming out is very difficult and can be stressful. Parents can’t get their children to be gay or straight love, but you can help them thrive and live their best lives.”


“Understanding the Human Condition” is a podcast dedicated to fostering in-depth discussions around mental health, substance use disorders, chronic pain and today’s hot issues.

For more episodes and new content, check out “Understanding the Human Condition” on your favorite podcast streaming site or on JFlowersHealth.com.

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