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Activists, protestors rally in Hollywood for abortion rights


For the third weekend in a row, dozens of activists rallied in Los Angeles to express their support for abortion rights.

Although President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Friday aimed at safeguarding reproductive health rights, activists believe the commander-in-chief could do more after the Supreme Court overturned the controversial decision in Roe v. Wade.

CBSLA reporter Kandiss Crone spoke with some of the activists and abortion rights supporters who gathered Saturday in Hollywood.

“For me, it’s more personal,” Victoria Eggers told Kron. “I’m an American Veteran and I didn’t serve my country to disenfranchise me, disenfranchise you, disenfranchise any woman in this country. I’ll stand here and fight, I’ll stand here, raise me up the sound of.”

Protesters marched down Hollywood Boulevard to Vine Street. The Hollywood rally was one of more than a dozen abortion rights protests across the country on Saturday.

“I know that for millions of women, actually a quarter of women, it really allows us to move on with our lives in a meaningful way,” Allison Deery ) Say.

The executive order, signed by Biden on Friday, aims to increase access to abortion pills and protect access to other reproductive health services.

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in a 5-4 decision, several states have moved to ban or restrict abortion.

These states include Florida, Louisiana and Texas.

“It has nothing to do with anything other than women dying,” Dirie said. “That’s what we’re all about here, which is that women will die. All people who were assigned women at birth will suffer because of this decision, and we want to fight for them.”

The rally is organized by Up4AbortionRights.org.

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