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ABC’s promising but insecure celebrity relative guessing game – reality blurred


Guessing reality shows are all the rage, and borrowing shows are all the rage moleso ABC combines the two into rise to fame(actually!) A realistic rivalry between the (somewhat) unrecognizable relatives of celebrities.

Make no mistake: rise to fame no molebut more like a reality show back in the mid-2000s, set entirely in a Hollywood Hills mansion, where budgets are best described as “bargains” and sometimes celebrities are best described as “bargains.”

rise to fame (ABC, Monday 10:00) With no real celebrity aside from host Joe Jonas and his long-suffering brother Frankie Jonas, this relationship and dynamic is totally underused because they Most of the screen time is spent reading the teleprompter, though some hopefully have their impromptu moments in the show’s intro.

But (at least some of) the contestants are actually adjacent to A-list talent—although that’s the kind of A-list talent that will never appear on the summer ABC reality show, and the ABC reality show could use their similarities anyway. here, despite the disclaimer: “The use of the name and likeness of any particular celebrity in this series is for informational and entertainment purposes only and does not imply endorsement or authorization of any such celebrity.”

Those celebrity relatives guessing who their relatives are related to, give rise to fame Necessary disclosures at the end of each episode, and strategies to go with them.

While we wait for Netflix to actually return mole-Come on, Netflix, you made it last summer and it’s already given to us! ——rise to fame While the producers have some puzzling options, it delivers a promising game.

Celebrity Relatives Guess Celebrity Names

‘X’, ‘Logan’ and ‘Michael’ on stage for the talent show in ‘Rise to Fame’ Episode 1 (Photo by John Flonor/ABC)

rise to fameThe game is actually quite simple, although the way it unfolds makes it unnecessarily complicated. There’s a challenge; the winner gets immunity, while the bottom two are vulnerable. The house votes for one of these two, and they have to guess the identity of a companion’s relative in what’s called a “guess guess” because they’re standing face to face, I think.

If they guess right, the other players leave; if they’re wrong, they leave, revealing their relatives as they go out.

Almost all of this happened in the mansion, including the narrow poolside challenge, which made me crave early slick production designs big brotherThe shoddy challenge.

The players may not be famous themselves, but most of them are TV personalities made for reality shows, and whether they’re jokingly accusing someone of being a vampire or looking for a real connection in some part of their lives , they are all fun.

In the meantime, the producers will offer some clues: through some challenges, through a prop wall in the house, and the challenge winner (they start with Survivor 41-ish easy-to-solve rebus puzzle).

All of this, plus the introduction of two truths and lies, was enough to spark a lot of discussion/strategy and building connections/alliances, taking place in rise to famethe first two episodes. I spent most of the time hanging out and chatting with them in the house.

picture mole, the players were given notebooks to record their thoughts, but the producers gave them photos of the actors, plus at least two pages of printed material affixed to the pages. (This appears to be a copy of each person’s three introductory facts, their two truths and one lie.)

Contestants littering names to guess each other’s relatives are actually fun, not like Jenny’s “vaccines are safe, please vaccinate your kids and yourself” McCarthy throws out superstar names like any of them All appearing in Fox’s dumpster as a reality show, no offense to dumpsters, dumpsters are actually useful and don’t often smear the reputation of insurgent instigators. But I digress.

Alas, the producers and/or the network made a disappointing decision: they just told us who some of the players’ famous relatives were.

Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas host fame
Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas host Rise to Fame (Photo by John Flano/ABC)

In the introduction of two truths and a lie, the text on the screen tells us which players’ statements are lies, so we’re ahead of everyone. Then the editors started removing names and some very revealing details.

(ABC has asked critics not to reveal any of the details the show has revealed, which is ironic since the show itself is just a left-to-right spoiler. But before the episode airs, I’ll replace the name as it says on the show with XXXXXX .)

Louise is XXXXXX’s younger sister and basically looks like her, which prompted one of the players to label her a “layup” — which is easy to guess if a player ends up last.

Amala told everyone that her grandmother won an AVN award for her performance in an adult film. But her grandmother was actually XXXXXX and she told Amara, “Be a tough bitch and come back happy.”

The information we got could narrow down the relatives of others: Brittany’s father, she said, was “a Super Bowl champion and a Hall of Fame quarterback,” while Logan told us he was related to “a very well-known country music star. “related. In the second episode, though, the producers let us know who Brittany’s father was.

The effect of breaking the game for the audience is — well, breaking the game for the audience.

It also dilutes players’ guesses and analysis. When Logan said he knew who Brittany’s father was, we knew he was right because we were told.

Will mole Tell us who’s not The Mole in the first few minutes?

The editors also telegraphed who will be cast in The Guess Off, and based on the speculation that has raised eyebrows, it’s clear what to expect. Then the obvious did happen.

I find it more interesting to watch educated guesses, like whether Maxwell has anything to do with XXXXXX and whether certain clues point directly to this or are completely misread.

All of these options, in addition to catering to audiences who just want answers in their mouths, might make editing easier, but it limits the game.

Since the show is on ABC, it feels like a residual fear of what happened molethe show even used its wit to scare off its owner.

watch rise to fameI would like to be more confused.

I also wanted more possibilities: just allowing the house to choose from the bottom two would immediately reduce a lot of potential drama. Why not let them vote for anyone but the immune? This will allow strategy and alliances to blossom more – but will also make the game more complex and more challenging.

One more option in the first episode, too bad my eyes rolled out of my head: a crew member pretending to interrupt, he took Joe and Frankie aside to tell them a secret the producers apparently already knew .Audiences are smarter than that right now, though survivor Made this recently.

Stupid, but I do rise to fame, and would love to know if and/or how alliances and strategy are part of the game. It’s been a long time since I saw a new form of online competition with such great promise.

rise to fame

rise to fame While the producers have some puzzling options, it delivers a promising game. B+

What worked for me:

  • Format
  • actors, they are their own personalities

What could be better:

  • Stop telling us the answer
  • More than just having two players ejected

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