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‘Abbott Elementary’ and ‘Hacks’ Stars on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ Is the Most Endearing Thing on TV This Week


did celebrity family feud Call it an Emmy comedy contest?

For the season 8 premiere of the game show, hacker fall with teacher Abbott Elementary School, tackle epic themes including a plumber’s crack, a man in an ill-fitting superhero suit and a smelly boyfriend. Indeed, any of these themes sound like an episode of any TV comedy waiting to happen.

Of course, the crazier things happened when celebrity family feud– Kathy Lee Gifford’s son-in-law showing off his, er, private parts; Kendall Jenner mocking Donald Trump in front of Kanye West – but seeing Cheryl Lee Ralph’s competitive edge sure makes me giggle . Seeing the on-screen friendship between Jean Smart and Poppy Liu put a big smile on my face.

hacker and Abbott Elementary School are two of my favorite comedy series currently on air, and I know I’m not alone.If you desperately need a smile this week – again, I know I’m not alone – check out the latest celebrity family feud match. You deserve 22 minutes of pure happiness.

Jean Smart and Poppy Liu: The cutest celebrity bestie?

Christopher Willard

although family feud Most of the most important actors on each team were secured, but some familiar faces were missing – ie, Hannah Einbinder hacker with Janelle James from Abbott. Still, the teams are stacked together: Jean Smart, Poppy Liu, Christopher McDonald, Mark Indelicato and Rose Abdoo hacker One side, Quinta Brunson, Tyler James Williams, Lisa Ann Walter and Shirley Lee Ralph in charge Abbotthand.

The most surprising thing was a special guest AbbottOn the side: Ms. Joyce Abbott, the teacher who inspired Darrenson to make the wildly popular ABC sitcom. My throat choked when I saw Brunson’s own dear teacher seemed determined to win a huge donation for DonorsChoose, a nonprofit that specializes in donating to public school classroom programs.i will give anything Play family feud With my elementary school teacher!

this episode celebrity family feud Solo duels are worth watching. Two comedy icons battling each other on the podium: Guys, we’re talking about Quinta Brunson and Jean Smart here.While either side could certainly roll out the perfect punchline about the Fantastic Plumber’s Crack — the first hint given in the game — the stakes are high, and hacker The crew wins in the first round.The team would also like to thank Smart for the actress who was able to get the best answer: Plumber pulls plunger Find magic in his cracks. Uh.

Ultimately (GoldDerby should take notes here), while Abbott Elementary School took a big lead throughout the show, hacker Won thanks to a sweep near the end of the game.does this mean hacker would steal all the emmys Abbott Elementary School? If I were a gambler, I would put my money in hackerBased on family feud Performance.

A stronger case is performance hacker The team supports quick money – they are unstoppable.Gene Smart and Christopher MacDonald, who played mythical lovers/enemies in the movie hacker, on Board Feeding America. Boy, did they deliver, over the 200-point mark needed to get a $25,000 cash prize for their charity.

Really, the prize in all this is watching Jean Smart give his life on quick money.Of course our dear Abbott The teachers lost, but we all won the perfect thing in the process. Perhaps the best part of the night was Smart’s answer to “a way you cook potatoes” that fell flat. While the most popular answers were “mashing” and “baking,” Smart apparently chose to guess “scalloped.” Add some cheese? These are the best.

The survey said: NOPE. Sadly, no one agreed with her, earning the team zero points in the biggest injustice of the night. But that’s okay, because they won overall — at least, we’ve now seen Deborah Vance and Ms. Jenny Teague race against the clock on America’s most popular game show. How fun!

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