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A Two Prong Attack to Winning the Mid-Terms



Historically, it’s now clear that the momentum in the House race seems to be Republican, but Democrats should be able to turn things around if they can fund a national two-pronged offensive to win the overwhelming majority of women’s votes.

Roe is half, but meaningful gun control emphasizing the dangers to children is the other half.
Hopefully there will never be another Uwald, but Democrats must use it and the tragedy of many other child killings to keep the House.

Every woman has a relative, friend, or both who needs to at least seriously consider the options Roy offers.
Every woman, mother or not, has been moved time and time again by the mass murder of schoolchildren.

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Two PACs, one each, dedicated to solid coverage of the airwaves for the months of September and October, should do the trick.

MacKenzie Scott and Melinda Gates may each get at least $10 million. Maybe Michelle Obama could be the spokesperson for one of the two? Maybe she’ll play a more active role by raising funds?
A Texan like Laura Bush would be ideal to be a common-sense gun control spokesman.

There must be hundreds of female celebrities who can afford to donate over $100,000.00 to these causes. Trump raised a quarter of the $1 billion from his mailing list, mostly in small donations.
How much money can 1,000 celebrities raise by asking their fan base for $10 each?

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