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A passionate kiss between Enrique Iglesias and a fan is captured on video [Watch Video]

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During an event in Las Vegas, Enrique Iglesias passionately kissed a female fan; the woman also reciprocated. It’s gone viral now…

Enriquec Iglesias is known around the world for his songs Hero, Bailamos, and Rhythm Divine. On his visit to Las Vegas, he had a special meet and greet with some lucky fans. As a result, this woman got to be with him on stage last night. While in typical circumstances, it would be a selfie, side hug, hug or maybe even a kiss on the forehead (extreme luck), this woman got to be with him on stage. Enrique Iglesias took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. While someone else might have been a bit dazed, this lady recovered and smothered him with kisses equally passionate.

Take a look at the footage of Enrique Iglesias planting a big, passionate kiss on an ardent fan in Las Vegas.

A fan commented that he probably only kisses her as well, meaning only her girlfriend Anna Kournikova, but the two of them have been together for a long time now. Fans of Enrique Iglesias spoke about how much he loved his fans. The singer who is originally from Spain is one of the modern greats in Latin music. Someone said: He posted it to show that fans and people still love him, that he’s kind to his fans. If you were a fan of his like we are, you would know. I’m not apologizing for him, nothing to apologize for. He and Anna are obviously fine with it and have told their friends both in the past and the present. They post each other, photos of their family, and photos from their vacations all the time. In your mind, you are cutting out small segments from a concert, piecing them together, and telling everyone they represent the entire event.

The singer has done this before as well; he also kissed a fan. Furthermore, no one has objected to this. Enrique Iglesias’ last tour took place in 2019.

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