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A Lip Gloss Version of Clinique’s Most Iconic, Constantly-Sold-Out Lipstick Shade Has Just Been Released, and It Really Does Look Good on Everyone.



The online platform TikTok did what it seemed to do best last summer: it took a traditional beauty product that had been available for years and propelled it into sold-out modern stardom. Everyone was vying for a tube of Clinique Black Honey lipstick for months, which has a dark blackberry tint that applies sheer and gives your lips the ideal amount of subtle color. The pigment appears somewhat differently on each individual depending on their natural lip color, which is why the shade is so universally adored because it mysteriously looks nice on everyone.

Black Honey was first introduced in 1971 as a lip tint, but now, for the first time since then, it is available in an altogether new form: lip gloss. The original formula falls between between a lip tint and lipstick (a cosmetic product so brilliant it definitely needs its own category).

Pop Plush Creamy Lip Gloss, Black Honey — $20.00


Are you not a fan of black honey? Nine other red and pink hues of the same glossy formula are available.

The Black Honey Pop Plush Creamy Lip Gloss gives the color you know and love, but just a bit glossier. It is buttery and just the right amount of glossy. The gloss provides all-day moisture and is made with hyaluronic acid, shea butter, aloe, and avocado. Application is facilitated by the hourglass-shaped doe foot, and unlike many other glosses, this one isn’t sticky—all it’s gloss without the tackiness. I’ve even applied it while stuck in traffic. Additionally, it lacks the Limited Too gloss glitter. Just glossier, the hue is a true Black Honey.

I requested feedback from two additional W+G employees about Clinique’s Black Honey lip gloss because the cosmetic company boasts that it “complements every skin tone.” Warning: There will be spoilers. Despite the fact that we were unable to test on more people with varying skin tones, you can see below how the color appears slightly differently on each individual.


“The gloss’s potential to be too dark for my complexion really frightened me. But as soon as it reached my lips, the hue turned into this stunning rose-y pink, comparable to my natural lip color. The product gives my lips a much sharper outline and is quite moisturizing. Additionally, it actually is on. I don’t have to reapply the gloss for a few hours because it doesn’t transfer that much.” – Taylor Bell, Producer of Multiplatform Commerce


“Pop Plush by Clinique is an excellent formula that gives my lips a larger appearance and provides long-lasting hydration. The figure eight applicator makes applying the gloss a breeze, despite the formula’s tendency to be more sticky. The Black Honey color, which matches my skin tone and unifies all of my makeup looks, and the high shine finish are my favorites. – Commerce writer Kayla Hui

Here I am, at last. I applied Pop Plush gloss in Black Honey twice quickly. The color is stunning. Smooth and rich in texture. I now have a tube in each of my totes since I adore it (along with my original Black Honey lipstick, natch).

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