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A ‘#DisneyPlusIRL’ Pop-up Is on View in Hollywood – NBC Los Angeles


what to know

  • “All Summer Long” at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood
  • The exhibit was created for fun photo ops and it’s free with the purchase of a movie ticket
  • ‘Encanto’, ‘Car’, ‘Doctor Strange’ and the lightsaber mirror room are the decorative stars of the demo

Entering a homey world of fictional fun, fantastic sights and vibrant whimsy?

This can be done by visiting, revisiting, or revisiting areas of your favorite show or movie on Disney+.

But there’s also a limited-time portal to that strange and sweet part of the Disney universe, which has opened at the El Capitan Theater on Hollywood Boulevard.

For a new showcase, a photo-filled, pose-ready opportunity, has debuted at Landmark Cinemas. It’s called #DisneyPlusIRL, and it highlights some of the streaming service’s popular offerings.

Come see this colorful kingdom now, which is free for guests who buy movie tickets. As for what’s on display upstairs at the quaint destination? A Thor marathon is coming to a close in theaters, and Lightyear is currently taking Buzz lovers to outer space.

#DisneyPlusIRL, a showcase created for fans of fun snaps and iconic Disney properties, is watching at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood.

The lightsaber mirror room is a powerful feature.

A tribute to Lightning McQueen is in the house. Jiazhou!

Flowers, candles and magic: the “Encanto” demo is full of petal-like glamour.

The details shown in “Encanto” feature butterflies and flowers.

‘Celebrate the stories you love’: #DisneyPlusIRL is watching ‘All Summer’; head to the historic El Capitan Theatre with a movie ticket.

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