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A contestant sang Maahie Ve in Superstar Singer 2 and Neha Kakkar cried again; netizens said, “Rona chalu hogaya iska.”

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The singer of Maahie Ve was harshly ridiculed as Neha Kakkar, host of Superstar Singer 2, broke down in tears during the singing of the song.

She’s always picked by trolls for crying on every reality show she’s on. A Bollywood singer, Neha Kakkar is currently in Superstar Singer 2 and was a guest judge in this episode, alongside Himesh Reshammiya. There are a lot of talented singers trying their luck and hard at work to win the title of the show. But one contestant, Neha Kakkar, is getting a lot of backlash for breaking into tears after the singer Mani Punjab sung the song Maahie Ve. The girl was brought to tears from watching the boy perform. Neha Kakkar, visibly taken aback by the kid’s rendition of the song, weeps with joy and thanks the child, commending him for the powerful performance and winning accolades from the audience.

Though everyone admires Neha Kakkar for her openness and genuineness, they are asking why she cries so much. We often see Neha crying on reality shows and she is aware of how badly she is trolled for crying all the time. According to the singer, she is an extremely emotional person and can never hold back her feelings no matter what. A user commented, “Are yaar ye to yaha aur is gane main bhi ro rahi hai.” Another user commented, “Drama Queen Neha Kakkar.” Another said, “Rone ki kaha bat ho gayi didi isme.” There was also a user who commented, “Rona chalu iska bc.”

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As of right now, Neha Kakkar is one of the most successful singers and she has come a long way on her journey. Her husband is Rohanpreet Singh and her wedding was one of the most expensive in Hollywood.

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