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A cameo from a big-name celebrity can make a good episode of a show into a great one.


Cameo appearances can be an interesting addition to a TV show. Needless to say, many stars have cameo appearances on various shows, giving the show they star in a particularly fun vibe.Some have more meaningful purposes, like Sylvester Stallone’s this is us out, while Ray Romano was in Hannah Montana It turns out it’s suitable for a quick laugh.

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However, whether an episode chooses to incorporate delightful nostalgia or craft a clever storyline around someone’s cameo, certain celebrity appearances will be memorable and stand the test of time. While most cameos on TV are effectively put together, some just have the great aspects that make them the best.

10 Nicole Richie plays an interesting and unique role in Grace and Frankie

Nicole Richie as eccentric pop star ‘Kareena G’ grace and frankie. Kaileen G’s character buys Grace and Frankie’s home and goes into seclusion for a while, but Grace and Frankie refuse to leave. After some strong persuasion, Karina agreed to return it.

Richie’s cameo includes several funny moments like showing them her motto tattooed in Morse code, and Frankie teaching her a strange chant. Richie has a charming spirit about her that complements the main cast nicely. While seemingly unusually accommodating, her appearance turned out to be quite interesting.

9 Britney Spears brings her glamour to virgin Jane

exist virgin jane, Milos hired Britney Spears as the main musical performer for his wedding. Spears’ appearance included her walking around with a group of dancers, dancing with Jane, and Rogerio addressing the issues they had.

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Spears is an interesting addition, and he brings considerable star power to the show.Fans are also happy because Rogerio’s character always brags about being in virgin janeand it’s usually a hilarious surprise to see a star he claims to be a friend actually show up.

8 Jennifer Lopez’s second cameo on Will and Grace is more fun than the first

Jennifer Lopez filmed an episode shades of blue in her second will and grace appearance. Jack plays a corpse and hilariously spoils multiple takes by asking her if she remembers him, laughing and trying to take selfies with her.

Having had enough, Lopez then lay in silence and showed Jack how to be a corpse. This time she showed a more serious side of herself while proving her versatility as an actress.Lopez also has a simple chemistry will and graceThe cast, so it’s no surprise that this cameo is so well done.

7 Ed Sheeran fits perfectly into Game of Thrones

Ed Sheeran makes cameo appearance in season 7 game of Thrones as a Lannister soldier. In the feel-good scene, Sheeran and his soldiers beautifully sing “The Golden Hand” before Arya joins them for a meal and a candid conversation.

Although there are not many lines, Sheeran seems comfortable in the role, and many fans feel that he is born game of Thrones‘Wonderland. Viewers can also feel the lighthearted camaraderie between Sheeran’s character and the other characters, which contributes to the perfect look.

6 The Beach Boys make an exciting full house cameo

exist Full houseDJ wins two tickets beach boy‘ San Francisco concert, and it’s hard to decide which family member should have the second ticket. Fortunately, the Beach Boys visited the Tanners and invited everyone to the show.

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The Beach Boys performed their hit “Kokomo” and had the Tanners sing “Barbara Ann” on stage. The iconic band delivers an exciting experience through what they do best, and the DJ’s disappointing circumstances become a happy ending for the whole family.

5 Stephen Hawking hilariously beat a lead character in The Big Bang Theory

exist big bang theory, Howard was asked to carry out repair work on Stephen Hawking’s wheelchair. Eager to meet the famous physicist, Sheldon asked Howard to give his paper to Hawking. After Hawking finally read it, he wanted to meet Sheldon.

During their meeting, Hawking not only displayed some ridiculous arrogance, but also pointed out a mistake Sheldon had made. Sheldon then faints with embarrassment and humor. Sheldon is a very arrogant character, so it’s safe to say audiences are happy to see him belittle Hawking.

4 Iyanla Vanzant is an essential eye opener in Greenleaf

Iyanla Vanzant guest starring green leavesKnown for changing lives with people in need of emotional healing, Vanzant brings this refreshing expertise to the show.

On the show, Wanzante was hired by May to help the charity as it went through a challenging time and believed no one cared about her. Vanzant’s no-nonsense, educated approach involves wanting to know how Charity really feels by asking honest questions and encouraging her parents to listen to her. As a tense series with so many secrets, it seemed necessary for Vanzant to tell the truth.

3 Shakira is an excellent addition to the Wizards of Waverly

exist Wizards of Waverley, Russos discovered that Shakira was actually Kelbo, who created the singer using a shape-shifting spell. Keerbo was out of control when he became her and then got into trouble. From trying to keep this a secret to Keerbo transforming back into himself in front of unsuspecting fans, Shakira’s cameo is arguably one of the funniest characters on TV. The audience also got a great musical performance when Alex and Shakira performed “Gypsy,” Shakira’s latest single at the time. Needless to say, Shakira’s presence did not disappoint.

2 One Direction shines as ICarly sings and performs

exist iCarly, “iGo One Direction,” One Direction planned to perform “What Makes You Beautiful” on Carly’s web show when bandmate Harry Styles was ill. Despite his recovery, Stiles continued to milk for special treatment. After the band pretended to replace him, he insisted on rejoining their upcoming show.

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This creative storyline allows One Direction to provide fans with great musical performances and showcase their acting talents. For fans, it’s great to see them practice another ability and sing on a different platform.

1 Viewers miss Elizabeth Shue’s appearance in ‘Cobra Kai’

Elizabeth Shue as Ali Mills Karate Kid movie franchise, then reprising the role in the franchise’s TV sequel, Cobra Kay. During Season 3 Cobra Kay, Johnny reconnected with Ali online, and they eventually agreed to meet face-to-face. The two recalled, but also rekindled positive and negative feelings, especially when they bumped into Daniel at the party.

Overall, it’s a highly anticipated cameo, and Shu once again effortlessly embodies Ali’s character.The audience is given another dose Cobra KayThe quality of nostalgic moments with her appearance.

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