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9 Best Early Prime Day Deals on Google Hardware: Nest Doorbell, Nest Cam, Pixel Stand


Amazon Prime Day Officially, it begins on July 12 and runs until the 13th, but the retailer and its rivals are already running early deals. For example, retailers like Amazon and Target are selling some Google products, from Chromecast With Google TV to Nest Cams. Some items may see more discounts on Prime Day, but many have expired. These are some of our favorites currently playing.

Check out our Amazon Prime Day coverage for more deals ahead of the big sale. Our Prime Day shopping tips guide will help you decide if a deal is worth your time and money.

Update July 8, 2022: We regularly update articles and Remove sold-out items Or price increases at the time of publication. Many of these deals have expired, and we’ve taken note of this accordingly.

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Doorbell and Security Camera Deals

Nest doorbell

Photo: Google

This deal only includes certain colors. Nest’s video doorbell is our second-best spot behind Arlo’s Essential because it’s more expensive. This deal matches the cheapest we’ve seen over the past few months. It’s easy to install and remove for charging (the battery lasts over a month). Smart notifications that recognize faces and packages are also accurate, but you’ll need a Nest Aware subscription ($6 a month). You can find this offer at Best Buy Too.

Need an indoor security camera? This simple one looks elegant, can be installed, and has no battery, which means you’ll need to be plugged in. (On the plus side, you never have to recharge.) Wired review editor Julian Chokkattu has a Nest Aware subscription he’s been pointing to his front door for the past year and has had a great experience despite subscribing to Nest Aware will expand your video history. This deal isn’t unusual, but it’s still a solid price. It’s also available at Target.

Nested Cam

Photo: Target

This security camera works just like the indoor camera above, except it’s battery-powered and can withstand rain, wind, and snow. It has a 130-degree field of view and 1080p video, which, says Wired editor Adrienne So, can clearly see her driveway, front door, and even most of her front yard. The battery needs to be charged after more than a month. this deal is Also available at Target.

If you plan to monitor dark and dull areas, this camera is functionally similar to the Nest Cam above, but doesn’t drain the battery, and has two floodlights on either side. The lights can be turned on automatically, for example when the camera detects movement. You can also set schedules or turn them on with your voice. this deal is Also available at Target.

Deals on Phones, Laptops and Speakers

Google Pixel 6 Pro

Photo: Google

If you want a new Android phone, most people should go for the Pixel 6. It’s a small deal, but it’s the lowest price we’ve tracked, and it’s a great value. You get a 90-Hz AMOLED screen, wireless charging, the same powerful Tensor processor, and an excellent dual-camera system. Read our Pixel Phone guide for tips and accessory suggestions.

We love Google’s Pixel 6 Pro (9/10, recommended by WIRED) for its great camera system, excellent 4x optical zoom, 120-Hz screen refresh rate with AMOLED panel, and lots of useful smart software features Tensor Processor by Google. Oh, and a battery that usually lasts all day. The phone had quite a few bugs, but many have now been fixed. Just know that the Pixel 7 Pro will arrive by the end of the year (and the Pixel 6A later this month).

Earlier this week, the Pixel Stand was a little cheaper. It’s Google’s first-gen wireless charger — it’s not a newer, second-gen version. It can charge any device that supports wireless charging, whether in landscape or portrait orientation. If you put your Pixel phone on it, you’ll get some perks, including ambient lighting that mimics the sunrise, digital photo frame functionality, and quick access to smart home controls. Read our guide to the best wireless chargers for more options.

Nest Mini

Photo: Google

The Nest Mini is a cheaper, smaller, smaller version of the Nest Audio. It doesn’t sound great, but it’s a great tiny speaker for small areas of your home where you want to use your voice to control smart home devices. You can also mount it on the wall (as long as there is an outlet nearby).

If you can do everything on the Chrome browser, you probably only need a Chromebook. This Pixelbook Go is a bit old, but it’s still one of our favorite Chromebooks, and it works just fine. With a crisp screen and a lovely keyboard, this Core i5 model is more than capable for most people.

Google’s Nest Audio (8/10, recommended by WIRED) is one of our favorite smart speakers. This is the typical transaction price to drop to during a major sales event. Nest Audio is the successor to 2016’s original Google Home, offering deeper bass and louder sound for better streaming. Naturally, it’s powered by Google Assistant, so you can ask it by typing anything into the Google search bar. Pair the two together for a solid stereo system. There’s a physical switch to turn off the microphone, which we appreciate. this deal is Also available at Walmart.

Smart Display and Router Deals

Nest Wifi Router and Point

Photo: Google

This router regularly drops to this price, but it fluctuates to $169, so it’s still a good deal. Nest Wifi is easy to set up and elegant to create a reliable mesh network in your home. The deal only applies to routers, but you can add a Nest Point for extended coverage: The bundle costs $175 ($94). Already have a router but want to add points? Read our guide to the best mesh routers for more recommendations.

It’s a pretty common deal on this smart thermostat, but only certain colors are included right now. We haven’t extensively reviewed this exact release, but we have a guide on how to confirm compatibility and set it up. If you like the way Google runs its smart home, we think you’ll like it. The newer Nest Thermostat is also on sale for $100 ($30 off). It won’t learn and adapt to your habits, but you can still set a schedule.

Nest Hub Max

Photo: Best Buy

Technically, it’s a deal, but the Nest Hub Max (8/10, recommended by WIRED) is often discounted to this price, and you should never buy it at full price. This version has a webcam so you can use it to video chat. It’s a useful companion because it can be used as a security camera feed (if the camera supports it), walk you through cooking instructions, or just act as a digital photo frame.

The cameraless Nest Hub is also on sale. Compared to the Nest Hub Max’s 10-inch screen, the screen is 7 inches, so it’s more suitable for small spaces like bedrooms. This second-gen model also detects your sleep habits in case you want to make sure you hit 7 hours (no wearable required). Check out our guide to the best smart displays for more details.

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