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8 Ways To Up Your Eyeliner Game With Purple


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It can be difficult to choose a favorite shade for your eye makeup looks, but purple eyeliner stands out from the crowd. (After all, the color is often referred to as the color of royalty.)

According to makeup artists Keri Blair and Samson Smith, purple eyeliner looks great on almost everyone and is especially stunning on those with brown or green eyes.

Purple eyeliner looks and finding a specific shade to complement your eye color are endless, ranging from inky, almost-black plum to neon violet. You can go bold with a high-contrast, negative space look; if you want a minimal look that’s perfect for fall, try a Smokey liner look; or draw intricate shapes for an artist, graphic eyeliner look.

Do you want to try the regal color for yourself? Below are 18 purple eyeliner looks to save to your makeup mood board to help inspire you (and show how truly versatile the hue can be).

Smoked-Out Plum Liner

Giving your eyeliner a Smokey effect is a great fall makeup look.

Light & Dark

The combination of dark purple wing liner and lavender eyeshadow is delightfully unexpected.

Subtle Details

For a minimalistic version of a statement eye, choose small graphic designs on the outer corner of your eye or just below the brow bone.

Spooky Season

This witchy eye makeup look is just in time for Halloween.

Double Take
A double-liner look is always eye-catching. For a striking contrast, choose a classic black and a neon purple.

Purple Monochrome
Why not try purple if you like the tinted brow look? Finish the look with a coordinating eyeliner.

Open Ended
Choose a soft shade for your lid, then use a darker liner to create a graphic wing.

Negative Space
Negative space liner is one of many ways to get graphic — and if you’re using two colors, purple’s complementary color yellow is the ideal companion.

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