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8 Pretty Pedicure Nail Art Ideas You’ll Want to Copy Immediately.


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Your toes are the first things everyone sees when you step out into the world, so it’s important to take proper care of them if you want them to look their best. Long and painted fingernails are pretty, but it’s the fresh pedicure that really makes your feet glow! And with all the gorgeous options out there, it can be hard to settle on just one look. To make things easy, here are eight great nail art ideas for your next pedicure session. Which one will you choose?

1) Cheetah Print

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One of the newest nail art designs is cheetah print. It gives a really neat 3D effect, as well as being very subtle if you just want it on your ring finger. Cheetah print also works well with other patterns like zebra or leopard, making it a cool mix of animal prints. This nail art design will take two hours to dry fully and lasts for six days!

2) Leopard Print

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Leopard print is not the easiest design to recreate, but with some creativity and patience, you can easily get the look in nail art form. Once you have your leopard print pattern drawn on the nail, seal it with a top coat for lasting effect. Here are two more fun patterns for nails:

  • Stencils: Simply paint your nails white and press onto black polish of a contrasting color. Voila! Instantly created striping with stencils.
  • Glitter: Leopard print looks great in any type of pattern, so why not on your nails? Just paint a base coat of color and use a striper brush with glitter polish. Then you’ll have a unique leopard design for any occasion. Leopard print looks great in black or cream, but can also be applied to other colors like red or blue if you want more variety.

3) Rose Gold Dots

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Pick up some polka dot nail stickers and a metallic pink or rose gold color for this design. Apply the polish of your choice and place the stickers on your nails in a uniform pattern for an effortlessly stylish effect. If you’re a bit of a nail art newbie, fear not—you can easily stick these dots on and get professional-looking results. Simply brush on two thin coats of polish, hold up each sticker to your nail and then gently press down. Once you’ve applied your polish, hold each sticker up to your nail and then gently press down. A good idea is to take a look at different angles, as it might be easier to fit certain shapes on certain fingers! Once they’re all in place, finish with a top coat and then admire your beautiful handiwork.

4) Pink Glitter & Rhinestones

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You may think that you have seen everything when it comes to nails, but we’re here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. One of the most popular trends in the world of nail art is embellishing a pink Pedi with either rhinestones or glitter. It’s classy, feminine and shows off your girly side all at once. This is a stunning look that you can give yourself at home, too. All you need is pink nail polish, a clear top coat and some rhinestones or glitter in silver or pink. Paint your nails with a thin layer of pink polish and allow it to dry. Then use something like tweezers or straight pins to place your rhinestones on each nail, right above where they turn into your cuticle.

5) Yellow & Black Ombre

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This design is all about giving your nails the spotlight, and not taking anything away from that beauty. Start with a fresh base coat (seriously, don’t skip this step), and one coat of either yellow or black nail polish on each nail. Starting at the outside edge of the nail, carefully use a brush dipped in your choice of color to create an Ombre effect–think hot dog with mustard! The good news is that creating an ombre look at home is extremely easy. Just get a piece of tape and make 2 stripes–one for yellow, one for black. Then just brush on your polish!

6) Blue Glitter & Pearls

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  1. Paint your nails a light color such as white or pink, and then use thin blue lines of nail polish on the tips of your nails. This look is perfect for an understated, yet feminine look that you can wear during the day and to any event.
  2. Mix a light pink base with medium turquoise specks of nail polish and top it off with a coat of a light gold shimmery polish – this unique combo is perfect for a summer pedicure!
  3. If you are looking for a more subtle look, try using different shades of purple on your toes – apply a base coat, three coats of lighter and darker shades of purple polish followed by a clear top coat. This is also one of our favorite fall pedicure ideas!

7) Stripes in Black & White

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The super-popular black and white trend is perfect for nail art. Black stripes on white polish work with any outfit, so if you’re looking for an easy Pedi idea that can be worn throughout the year, this one’s for you.
While black and white is an easy nail art idea, it’s not your only option. If you want something a little more colorful, try stripes with bright pinks or blues for a pop of color that makes a big statement. Or go for zebra print nails for an animal-inspired look that’s perfect in warmer weather months.
No matter which nail art idea you choose, remember that simple designs always look great. To give your pedi a clean, finished look, use a top coat once you’re done with your design. This will also prevent chipping and wear-and-tear as you move through your day.

8) Double Chevron Black White

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If you’re looking for a design that is daring and beautiful all at the same time, consider trying this chevron pattern. Follow these simple steps below!

  1. Create two diagonal lines of tape on the skin just before your nail bed starts, perpendicular to each other. The wider the space between them, the more chevrons you will have in your final design.
  2. Draw a curved line on one side of each piece of tape and a straight line on the other. Make sure that they are both connected at both ends and that they don’t cross over, or else you will get an X instead of chevrons!
  3. Use nail polish remover and a cotton swab to gently remove any bubbles in your tape before applying nail polish. Double check that all of your lines are connected.
  4. Use two colors of nail polish – one on each side of your nail – and apply in thick layers, allowing each coat to dry before adding another. This will give you a bolder chevron design!
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