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8 Flattering Haircuts for Every Face Shape



Need some inspiration and a haircut? Let us offer a layered hairstyle as an example. There is a cut for every face shape and hair texture, whether you want to go bold with a short hair cut in a choppy shag like Miley Cyrus or want to copy Gwyneth Paltrow’s timeless long hairstyle with face-framing layers. “I always advise seeking professional help. Talk to them and let them see what they’re working with, advises hairstylist and dpHue founder Justin Anderson(opens in new tab). However, he advises that as a general rule, people with round faces should choose longer layers because they elongate the face, while people with more oval face shapes should choose shorter, face-framing pieces.

Layered hair makes styling simpler than ever while also being the ideal way to draw attention to certain facial features. Curly hair will remain defined and separated, air-dried textures will appear more polished, and fine, thin hair will be endowed with volume. What’s best? As low maintenance as it gets is grow out. Everyone’s hair develops differently, but Anderson advises getting a trim at least every two months if your ends are particularly dry.

Keep scrolling for all the ideas you could possibly need before your next salon appointment. The top 8 layered hairstyles of all time have been compiled by us. Here are the best celebrity looks, from blended ringlet curls to on-trend bangs.

Shaggy-style Miley Cyrus


Add choppy layers to your shorter hairstyle to channel Miley Cyrus. As it instantly adds dimension and volume, this cut is ideal for an air-dried wave or loose bend.

Layers of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Clothing

PC–Entertainment Tonight

Uncertain of your feelings regarding a layered appearance? Put on a few long layers and dangle your toe in the water like Paltrow. Although it is polished, it still gives your cut a little personality. Additionally, the growout is incredibly simple if you decide the appearance is not for you.

Amal Clooney’s Body-Boosting Cut


Anyone who frequently curls their hair ought to take a cue from Clooney. Each chunk stays defined thanks to her gradual layers. However, if you do alternate between a centre and side part, watch out for too-short front layers.

The way Eva Longoria frames her face


Just take a look at Longoria to see how subtly she wears layers. Her shoulder-length cut is uniform for the most part, but the two shorter pieces at the front emphasize her facial features more.

Layers with Angles by Shay Mitchell


Unmatched excitement is added by asymmetric layers to any style, regardless of length, colour, or texture. You should request that your stylist incorporate some sharp angles in order to get the edgy updo worn by the founder of Beis.

Tyra Banks’ Thick Curls


Curls and layers go together perfectly. They give the appearance of length and volume while also making the hair appear thinner and less dense. It is a summer hairstyle that is obvious.

The Gradual Swoop of Jennifer Aniston


You should request jagged layers from your stylist if you want to replicate Aniston’s famous hairdo. She’ll need a little heat styling to get the perfect inward bend though. Using a round brush, run your flatiron through the ends of your hair.

The Minimal Waves of Simone Ashley


Try out layered hair with a similar style to Ashley’s. All hair types and textures look great with her soft, expertly blended cut.

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