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8 Celebrity Hairstyle That Will Make You Look Younger



A attractive hairdo will actually make you look younger than using some night lotion and hoping for the best or trying vitamins to encourage hair growth. Of course, maintaining a youthful appearance isn’t the only factor. There are numerous things you can do to feel younger at any age, but if changing your hairstyle makes you look 10 years younger in the mirror, it might be time to visit your stylist. Just make sure to come prepared with examples of the hair color and cut you want.

You should think about the length, style, and color that suit you the best while selecting a haircut that will make you look younger. A new haircut can highlight your youthful features, such as high cheekbones, prominent brows, and full lips, and open up your face. Openly discuss your objectives for the new cut with your stylist, and they’ll probably have ideas for selecting a hairstyle that suits you and your face shape the best.

There are many hairstyles that can assist refocus eyes to highlight your bone structure, disguise flaws, and make you look younger and more confident, from loose waves and tight curls to straight locks and layered looks. We asked some of the top hairstylists in the business and Hollywood’s leading ladies for the best looks to attempt this year to help you choose the best styling option for your face shape and hair type. Additionally, we included pictures of some of our favorite celebrities who have worn the style in the past to give you the greatest idea of what to expect when you enter the salon.

Long layers


Freelance hairstylist Carrie Butterworth in New York City advises women with long, thick hair to get layers towards the bottom rather than around the face. “This will relieve a lot of the hair’s figurative and visual weight. Without layers, thick hair can practically be described as a blanket with no sense of style, according to the stylist.

Asymmetrical bangs


Butterworth warns against growing bangs unless you have a high forehead since they can accentuate facial flaws. A really long bang that can be swept to the side is a nice option, according to Butterworth, if you’re concerned about forehead lines. It’s like a cute little face window dressing, to put it mildly. Rashida Jones’ bangs nicely draw attention to her cheekbones. And because they’re a different length, they don’t hide her eyes.

Slightly cropped haircut

PC–Good Housekeeping

Hair that has undergone extensive chemical and heat styling can appear older than it actually is. Try a trimmed haircut like Viola Davis wears. According to Rodney Cutler, owner and chief stylist of Cutler Salons in New York City, it eliminates the need for those harsh, breakage-causing procedures, making hair look healthy and youthful.

It’s important to let your stylist know that you “wash and wear,” according to Cutler. This will enable him to comprehend the low-maintenance appearance you’re going for. To avoid looking unfinished or grown out, your stylist should maintain the sides and back a touch tighter and closer to your face. According to your specific style and face features, you should leave a certain amount on top, he says.

Shoulder-length hair (or longer) with layers


Irrespective of what you may have previously believed, thick hair looks more polished and fresh when it is shoulder-length or longer. Shorter hair tends to spread out at the ends, creating an unattractive triangular impression. However, according to hairstylist Edgar Parra, if hair extends above the shoulders, the excess hair will weigh it down and prevent this from happening. Therefore, request thin, face-framing layers. The maximum length varies on your facial form; ask your stylist for her recommendation. According to Parra, it shouldn’t be any shorter than your shoulders.

Curly bob

PC–The Right Hairstyles

Many older women opt for chin-length hair over longer locks because, according to Butterworth, “long hair drags the eyes down, emphasizing drooping facial features.” “A shorter cut is a non-invasive facelift that deflects attention from facial flaws.” We adore the way Jane Fonda’s delicate curls enhance the “lifting” effect by enhancing her features and framing her face.

Long hair with waves


You’re in luck if you have waves in your hair. Because you can wear it straight, wavy hair is a terrific texture, according to Butterworth. When wearing your hair naturally, she advises having your hair stylist straighten it out and look for any thick patches in your haircut.

While straight hair can make you look older, loose waves can make you look younger. To add some softness and flow to your hair, experiment with face-framing layers. Additionally, layers can give your hair a rich, healthy appearance. Parra advises requesting straight-cut perimeter layers from your hairdresser. Having your hair parted in the centre, like Teigen does, will also aid in framing your face.

Side-swept bangs


With age, facial features become more apparent and frequently severe; limp hair does little to improve this. Additionally, length is not your friend if you have limp hair since it adds weight, which destroys the volume at the root and the body down the length of the hair. However, Cutler notes that a shorter cut, like the one worn by Priyanka Chopra, will prevent hair from going completely flat and soften very angular features.

Ask for shoulder-grazing length for the remainder of your hair, layered, side-swept bangs, and a deep side part, which, according to Cutler, will help create the appearance of fuller hair. To draw attention to your eyes, he continues, “a excellent rule of thumb is to split the bangs at the highest point of your eyebrow arch.”

Ombre ringlet hairstyle


For curly hair, Butterworth advises layers—but not too few. According to Butterworth, “Layers will show off the exquisite natural texture of the curl and remove the weight of the hair.” Beyonce’s short and long layers give her cut character and enhance the oval shape of her face. Butterworth enjoys putting curls in with Oribe’s Curl Control Silkening Creme. To add definition, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair. But avoid touching your wet hair because doing so might cause frizz, advises Butterworth. Instead, “to break up the product and to create a softer look, squeeze your hair lightly after it is dry.”

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