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6 Reasons the Carved Bob Cut is the Hottest Hair Trend for Fall ’22


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Although many people choose to let their long hair grow out when the weather gets colder, it seems that short hair is gradually gaining popularity this fall. The trendy, gamine, and unexpected short haircut styles are taking over our Instagram feeds. You can blame the prolonged summer heat or the damaging effects of the sun on your hair for this. With sliced bobs, short mullets, mixes, and numerous variants of curly hairstyles, the fashion set has been showing off on Instagram, proving that you can have any texture and pull off a short ‘do.

Fortunately, social media is also home to a tone of hairstylists and celebrity hair gurus who rave about the products they use to tame and style shorter hair as well as limitless advice on how to keep up your favorite look at home. It can be challenging to choose a chop, though, as you’re probably seeing a feed full of fall hair trends for 2022 that emphasize layers, texture, and color. Which cut is perfect for your style, texture, and length?

While dramatic bobs, curly shags, and mullets are still popular, there are several wild-card short haircuts that you should be aware of (more on them later). Here are 6 short hairstyles that are simple to manage and will have you excited for the upcoming colder months. Before your next salon appointment, check out the list to bring in the new season in style.

Carved Bob

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Let’s face it, the bob will always be in style. The short length cut is receiving a 2022 update where hairdressers will carve the ends rather than bluntly cut them to show off maximum volume — a sister to the French girl bob, if you will. The short length cut looks excellent on all textures. In order to achieve the carved bob appearance, suggest to your stylist to cut above the chin. This will enable the cut to truly highlight your texture and highlight your neck.

Buzz Cut


Buzz cuts, which are essentially the shortest hairstyles you can obtain, are hugely popular for autumn 2022. Buzzing your hair has roots in punk rock and will highlight your natural characteristics while requiring less effort to maintain (although the cut is easy, it will be more frequent). For a slick finish, simply apply a pomade or shine to your short cut.

Micro Bob


A micro bob, which is arguably the shortest bob style available, is a nice, understated style to try this fall. To complete the look, you can choose micro bangs, or you can apply some texture spray to give the appearance of beach waves.

Shaggy Lob


Micro bobs, which are arguably the smallest bobs available, are a terrific, easy-to-wear style to try this fall. Micro bangs can be chosen to go with the look, or texture spray can be used to give off a beach wave appearance.

Supermodel Layers


The supermodel layers cut will let you embrace your natural curls. Round layers that graze just above the shoulder open up the face and highlight defined curls with lots of movement in this piecey, fun style. Spray on a hair oil or curling gel, then twist your hair around your fingers before diffusing for even more curl definition. Curls will better set and rise up as a result of this.


The mixie is a short pixie with extended edges—the ideal combination of a mullet and a pixie. Hair that is straight, curly, or wavy looks fantastic in the softer style. Make sure to include a weekly mask to aid in rehydrating your hair and prevent split ends.

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