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6 celebrity wax figures that horribly misrepresented them



It takes a lot of effort, time, and precision to make celebrity wax figures. So it’s disappointing when the finished product doesn’t resemble the star it’s supposed to.

Some wax figures are impressively produced and resemble the celebrity who inspired them almost exactly. Others have unbalanced facial features or incorrect coloring (like Beyoncé’s, which was criticized for having an overly orange appearance).

Despite being an Oscar winner, Julia Roberts’ wax figure did not fare as well.


A wax figure was created to capture the moment just days before Julia Roberts won the Oscar for best actress for her leading role in “Erin Brockovich.” Roberts was only in her 30s when she received the honor, but the wax replica appears to be an old and ominous version of the actress. And even though Roberts once had curly hair, she actually wore a sleek hairdo to the 73rd Academy Awards.

This Beyoncé statue, which was modelled after the music video for “Crazy in Love,” wasn’t very popular.


Because the creators were unable to match Beyoncé’s skin tone, wax figures of the singer have proven to be problematic. Many people in 2017 were irritated by a wax replica that initially had too light of skin tone before turning too orange.

A year after the release of her album “Dangerously in Love,” the singer’s first statue was unveiled. The wax figure is supposed to be a recreation of Beyoncé’s appearance from the song “Crazy in Love,” but her hair and makeup don’t match.

The wax replica of Lindsay Lohan falls short and appears to be older than she is.


Although it resembles the “Mean Girls” actress somewhat, this wax replica of Lindsay Lohan, which was unveiled in April 2006, still doesn’t look exactly like her. Like Roberts’ body, Lohan’s appears older than she is and fails to capture her attractiveness and vivacity. Additionally, it appears orange in contrast to Lohan’s actual skin tone.

The wax replica of Brad Pitt doesn’t even resemble him.


The wax figure next to Angelina Jolie and baby Shiloh Jolie-Pitt doesn’t resemble Brad Pitt at all, but we really don’t know who it is. Pitt’s statue does not resemble him at all, whereas Jolie’s does. It could just as easily be a random person near Jolie.

Thankfully, in 2012 and 2013, more precise wax replicas of Pitt were unveiled.

The “Harry Potter” movies were popular with audiences, but Daniel Radcliffe’s wax replica wasn’t.


In 2007, the same year “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” hit theatres, this wax replica was unveiled in London, England. Unfortunately, it appears much older than the actor, who at the time the wax figure was released was only around 18 years old.

Leonardo DiCaprio appears to be up to no good in this wax figure.


The 2007 wax replica of Leonardo DiCaprio is a gruesome representation of the celebrated actor. DiCaprio, who acted in “The Departed” and “Blood Diamond” one year before the figure was unveiled, has different eye color, lip shade, and hairstyle.

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