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5 Women’s Fall Hair Colors That Will Make You Shine



The secret to going back in time? Just in time for the change of seasons, change up your hairstyle. To make yourself shine, choose a hair color that goes well with your skin tone. Thankfully, with this list of the top five hair colors for fall for women, we’ve taken the guesswork out of that.

Stunning in Iced Mocha

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According to celebrity colorist Mike Petrizzi, “adding eye-catching caramel highlights to a deep brunette base enhances the golden “flecks” in warm, medium, or darker skin tones.

Take a look: For the most realistic-looking streaks, use a highlighting kit designed for darker hair, such as Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Balayage Kit in #BY1 Icing Swirl (purchase from Walgreens, $7.99). Brush the bleach onto one-inch sections of hair all over using the included applicator. Rinse after 40 minutes of letting it sit.

Fits well with: Warm undertones and medium to dark skin

Salt and pepper strikes

PC–Women’s World

According to celebrity colorist Rick Wellman, a gorgeous two-tone effect that complements all skin tones can be achieved by blending cool, grey roots with a richer, darker hue. Additionally, it gives the appearance of a fuller mane and gives incoming greys a more deliberate appearance.

Take a look: Paint a dye onto small, 1 12-inch sections of hair through the crown once grey hairs have at least grown in an inch. For guidance, look to your eyebrows. Rinse after 30 minutes of letting it sit.

Compatible with all undertones and skin tones

Outstanding in French Vanilla

PC–Women’s World

Bright, face-framing highlights on blond hair stand out against warm skin for an instantly more youthful and energizing appearance, according to Petrizzi. Additionally, the face-lifting halo of light produced by concentrated streaks around the face directs attention upward while balancing any droopiness or sagging.

Take a look: First, apply bleach from a highlighting kit, such as Revlon Color Effects Frost & Glow in Blonde (purchase from Walmart, $6.98), from roots to ends on two 2-inch sections of hair on either side of the face. Next, from roots to ends, apply the bleach to additional, varying one-inch sections of hair surrounding the face. Before rinsing, let sit for 45 minutes.

Fits well with: Warm undertones and fair to medium skin

Elegant in Fiery Copper

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According to Petrizzi, “the vibrance of a warm burnt red brings out a peaches-and-cream glow within skin.” Additionally, the radiance guarantees that a fair skin tone doesn’t look washed-out.

Take a look: Apply strawberry-blond dye to roots and comb through ends using AGEbeautiful Anti-Aging Permanent Liqui-Creme Hair Color in #9RC Light Strawberry Blonde (purchase from Sally Beauty, $9.89). Use a shower cap to conceal (this creates cuticleopening heat so dye absorbs better). thirty minutes, then rinse.

Fits well with: Cool undertones and fair to medium skin

In Buttered Toffee, lovely

PC–Women’s World

According to Wellman, “cooler skin receives warmth from a brunette base with soft, blended golden highlights for a glowing complexion.” Additionally, it gives hair a tonne of shine and movement.

Take a look: Pick a 2-in-1 kit, such as L’Oréal Paris Couleur Experte in #6.1 French Eclair/Light Ash Brown (purchase from Target, $13.99), that contains dye for the base colour and bleach for the highlights. Apply the base colour to the entire head of hair, let it sit for 30 minutes, then rinse. Apply highlights to various 12-inch sections after that. thirty minutes, then rinse.

Fits well with: Cool undertones and fair to medium skin

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