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5 Times Bollywood Actresses Opened Up About Unrealistic Beauty Standards-5 Times Bollywood Actresses Opened Up About Unrealistic Beauty Standards


Society has set unrealistic beauty standards for women from a very young age, and now Bollywood actresses have not shied away from talking about it.

There is still an obsession with a perfect physique that causes many people to lack self-confidence and confidence in their bodies. Society’s unrealistic body standards place enormous pressure on young people to ideally shape their bodies, lowering their self-esteem and thus fostering harmful behaviors.

In today’s society, beauty is no longer determined by uniqueness, but by a number on a scale or a person’s waist size. People want to be considered beautiful by meeting these unattainable criteria, including thigh gaps, full lips, slender waists, and flat tummies.

Well, let’s see how these Bollywood actresses talk about these unrealistic beauty standards.

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor ()

Actress Sonam Kapoor shared a photo of herself with plenty of concealer on her face. She captioned the photo: “I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it: it takes an army, a lot of money and incredible time to make a female star look the way you see her. It’s not realistic and there’s nothing worth pursuing. Yearning for self-confidence. Yearning to feel beautiful, carefree, and happy without looking any particular way. Next time you see a 13-year-old girl on the cover of a magazine Destroy the myth of a flawless Bollywood actress with shiny hair when she gazes thoughtfully. Tell her how beautiful she is. Compliment her smile, her laughter, her thoughts Or her gait. Don’t let her grow up thinking she’s flawed, or that she’s different from the billboard woman, that she’s missing something. Don’t make her standards too high, even for the billboard woman.”



Vidya has previously spoken about her struggles with body image in various interviews. In an interview with the media, she said: “The length of the hair, the thickness of the arms, the curve, the height doesn’t matter; it matters that you are a person. When you admire someone you like, yes, every imperfection looks Small, but it doesn’t hit you when you hate and hate yourself. It was a very valuable and difficult lesson I’ve been through. I realized that it’s not people judging you, but how you judge yourself. When we raise children, we all need to be careful, skin color, weight, especially girls.”

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra ()

Actress Priyanka Chora shared that even she was influenced by ideal skin color norms. She said: ‘It was one of those things that I didn’t even think about when I was in my 20s because my metabolism was crazy, just like yours. But more importantly, Asian light skin The fairness is definitely something I like.”

Huma Qureshi

they are

Actress Huma Qureshi said: “The focus should be on developing character and individuality, which is more important than poker straight hair or a size 24 waist. I have a lot of friends who are ashamed of being too skinny. Why can’t we have women and their bodies exist?”


stir the pan

Actress Taapsee Pannu said: “I don’t have those big ‘doe eyes’; I don’t have a nice little nose…I have this big, what people call a ‘royal nose’. I don’t have sweet lips or straight Silky hair — you know, the kind that actresses flip over. I have curly hair, and I remember noticing that none of the actresses on TV had hair that looked like mine.”

She further added: “So yes, I don’t meet the traditional beauty standards. For years, I tried to change myself and failed miserably. It wasn’t until finally that I realized I needed to live with me and love me with what I am today. Understand how beautiful it is when you truly love the way you are…”

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