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5 TikTok Foundation Hacks Debunked By A Celebrity Makeup Artist


Most makeup artists would probably agree that a smooth foundation is a top priority. However, in between any skin texture issues or environmental challenges you may have, it’s not always easy. So basic tips and tricks keep circulating — especially on TikTok. The app has become a haven for various tutorials, but users seem to be particularly enthusiastic about basic routine hacks, some of which are pretty quirky. So, is there anything worth trying? To find out, TZR asked celebrity makeup artist Hailey Hoff to share her thoughts on five hacks of the TikTok foundation.

Some are fairly simple (like applying foundation with your fingers for a more natural, skin-like finish), while others are mostly a headache. The latest puzzling trend is soaking foundation in a glass of water before applying it, which is said to leave your skin glowing without excess oil while making your makeup last longer. You may remember one of the earliest foundation tips on TikTok, which suggested changing the order of your foundation routine for the smoothest, longest-lasting foundation.

“Everyone, including me, loves TikTok and the really interesting viral makeup trends, but when it comes to technology, they’re not always accurate and can be misleading to consumers,” Hoff told TZR.

From straightforward to highly suspicious, Hough shares the truth about TikTok’s most popular foundational hack here.

TikTok Foundation Hack #1: Apply Foundation With Your Fingers

According to TikTok user @YoungCouture, the answer to the perfect foundation is simple — just swap your makeup brushes for your fingers. “Literally apply it like it’s a moisturizer,” she said in a video that has garnered more than 755,000 views. To some, this may seem like a no-brainer, but as her title states, many are fed up with the idea of ​​applying foundation with their fingers. As Hough points out, there are some risks to the technology as well.

“Applying foundation with your fingers works, but it’s not always the most hygienic,” she says. “It’s better to apply foundation with a good brush.” ​​Of course, if that appeals to you, then wash your hands thoroughly or use a sanitizer before applying makeup.

TikTok Foundation Hack #2: Setting Spray Before Powder

Setting sprays have long been used as a tool to help maintain makeup as well as refreshed skin by midday. However, according to TikTok user @RoseAndBen, your spray could do more harm than good.In a viral video on her page, she explains that moisture from a setting spray “may cause your makeup to wrinkle or even lift.” Instead, she recommends spraying the puff with a setting spray and pressing it over foundation and concealer on (before styling), then Then Apply setting powder.

According to Hough, this is actually a super effective technique. “Recently, I’ve been using Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray between every cream product and I’ve been blown away by the results,” she says. “It lasts all day and the way the powder sits seamlessly on top is flawless. I keep getting compliments like ‘your skin looks like an airbrush’ and I notice it’s only when I use this technique .”

TikTok Foundation Hack #3: Powder Before Foundation

This basic hack basically broke the internet when it first emerged, and users are still testing it. In a TikTok video, creator @LeilaniGreen tries out a viral approach that involves changing the traditional order of base products. After moisturizing, apply translucent powder all over the skin. Then, spritz on some setting spray, followed by a makeup primer. Now it’s finally time to lay the groundwork; and, according to this hack, it will look as smooth as ever.

“It looked good, but because of the way the product was formulated, I couldn’t see how it would work,” Hough said. “I don’t recommend users to try this at home because once you have powder on your face, we don’t recommend that you treat it with liquid products.”

TikTok Foundation Hack #4: Mix Foundation with Water

The latest TikTok Foundation hack may be the weirdest yet. Users like @stxph.h have been soaking their foundations in water, a technique said to achieve a radiant, dewy finish without excess oil – not to mention helping makeup last longer without transferring . In her video, the creator pours a few pumps of foundation into a full glass of water, then removes the foundation and applies it to her face. “Well, I love how this foundation sits on my skin now,” she says after applying. “It looks filtered but super skin and dewy.”

While Hough admits she’s tried the technique and liked the results, she doesn’t recommend it. “Honestly, it’s messy and a little gross, and I think you can achieve exactly the same effect with a foundation that has a vitreous sheen, like Makeup Forever HD SKIN.”

TikTok Foundation Hack #5: Mixing Foundation with Powder

If you like a full-coverage look, consider mixing your setting powder and foundation together for a flawless finish. This one may have to be tailored to your skin type (eg someone with dry skin might just want to use a small amount of powder), but in theory this could be an easy way to increase coverage by just thickening the texture your foundation.

“‘This video]didn’t convince me that it was actually going to work,” Hough said. “I tried it myself and found that the product separated and didn’t stick to the skin. I’ll pass this on.”

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