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5 Actresses Who Played Moms To Older Men


There is a point in our life when we want to regain our youth.We want to go back to the era of less wrinkles and more black than grey on our heads and more energy in our bones. Aging is a natural process, but not the most flattering for many of us.

It’s only natural that we look for ways to feel youthful—whether it’s a random club meeting with friends or turning to hair dye to look younger.

actress who plays mom to older man
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However, the way Bollywood treats older actors is strange.Older women play the roles of mothers and older women, while Older men compete with a new crop of young female actressesNo wonder actors like Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan are still starring alongside new actresses – Disha Patani and Vaani Kapoor.

Thanks to this bizarre trend in Bollywood, the following five actresses play mothers to actors of almost the same age:

1. Shefali Shah of Waqt

Shefali Shah plays Akshay Kumar’s mother and Amitabh Bachchan’s wife in this 2005 film.

At that time, Amitabha was 63 years old, Akshay was 38 years old, and Shafali was 33 years old. It’s weird to see a 30-year gap between Amitabh and Shefali, but it’s even weirder to see her as the mother of someone who is actually older than her.

Shefali Shah confirmed in an interview years later that the role was her choice when her husband directed the film.

2. Richa Chaddha of the Wasipur Gang

Wasipur Gang Richa Chada
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Richa was relatively new to the industry when she was drafted Wassippur gang At 25, she played Najma, a bubbly woman, wife of Manoj Bajpayee and mother to the character Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Interestingly, Nawazuddin was 37 when the movie was released. While both actors perform extremely well, their real-life age gap is really disconcerting.

3. Sheeba Chaddha in Zero

Shiba Chada in Zero
© Chili Pepper Entertainment

The film features two of SRK’s favorite actresses, Katrina and Anushka, recreated Jab Tak Hai Jaan trio.

While they’re both nearly 20 years younger than him in real life, the most unpleasant age gap comes when Sheeba Chaddha plays his mother. At the time, she was 46 and SRK was 53.

4. Sonali Kulkarni of India

Sonali Kulkarni of India
© Salman Khan Films

salman khan notorious Because in all of his films he is in a relationship with a woman half his age.

From Sonakshi Sinha in big gang (23) To Katrina Cave Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya (22), and his heroines are always much younger than him.exist Bharat, he chose Sonali Kulkarni as his mother, further exposing Bollywood’s age gap problem. At the time of the film’s release, she was 44, while Salman was 53.

5. Nargis Dutt of Indian Mothers

Nargis Dutt of Indian Mothers
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Nargis plays Sunil Dutt and Rajendra Kumar’s mother in the iconic film, indian mother.

Nargis was the same age as Sunil Dutt and was born in 1929, while Rajendra Kumar was born in 1927. So when the film came out in 1957, Nargis was actually two years younger than Rajendra Kumar. Interestingly, she married Sunil Dutt the next year.

Lara Dutta
© Pen India Limited

While Ranveer Singh can play young cricketer in his 20s 83, Lara Dutta as the much older Indira Gandhi exist boot cut pant.

Some might argue that a good actor can play any role and age shouldn’t be a hindrance in the casting process. In that case, why don’t we cast star actresses like Neena Gupta and women of age appropriate for certain roles?

Bollywood’s age gap issue reveals the industry’s inherent sexism, and it needs to stop.

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