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3 Ways To Use White Eyeliner For A Fresh Look


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White eyeliner can be used in multiple ways for different occasions. To use white eyeliner, you can just apply a thin layer of it to your upper eyelid to brighten up your eyes and really make them pop. There are many other ways that you can use white eyeliner though, so read on below to learn more about how to use white eyeliner! With its wide variety of colors and styles, eyeliner has become one of the most popular makeup trends. However, with the recent popularity of white eyeliner, many people are wondering how to use white eyeliner and what it can be used for. With that in mind, here are 3 ways to use white eyeliner for your fresh look.

Benefits of using white eyeliner

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White eyeliner is a great way to refresh your look! It’s a versatile color that can be used to make your eyes pop or add drama. Plus, it lasts all day and won’t smudge like black eyeliner would. You can also use white eyeliner to create a winged liner look or to fill in your eyebrows.
To apply white eyeliner, start by filling in your eyebrows. This will create a seamless look and ensure that you don’t get any of your normal colored liner onto your skin. Then use an angled brush or a small eyeshadow brush to sweep white eyeliner over your lash line, starting from close to your lashes and moving toward your temples. Sweep it back and forth over one side, then repeat on the other. The key is making sure you blend well so there aren’t any harsh lines left behind! You can also use white eyeliner to create a lined effect. Simply apply it to your lash line and blend it out as normal. Then use an angled brush or a small eyeshadow brush to gently soften any harsh lines on your lower lid using neutral colored eyeshadow. You’ll want to aim for a softer look, so you may have to do some blending and touch-ups! If you’re going for an elegant evening look, try applying white eyeliner all over your lid and lining only halfway across. Gently fade out your liner at the edges so that you don’t get harsh lines on your lids that would compete with your eyeshadow.

1) Under your eyes

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Start by applying an opaque layer of white eyeliner to cover your under eye area. It’s crucial to apply this product before concealer, because it creates a base for the color and prevents it from settling into the skin creases. Choose a concealer that is the same color as your natural skin tone or slightly lighter. Once you have applied the white eyeliner, conceal any dark circles and blemishes under your eyes with your chosen shade of concealer. Then apply white eyeliner to your waterline. This brightens up your eyes and makes them look bigger, more awake and bigger. If you have extremely sensitive eyes, don’t apply eyeliner on your waterline as it might bother you. This step is optional so do not worry if you’re not comfortable with it or don’t feel like trying it. You can also use white eyeliner on the inner corners of your eyes to make them pop! The white will also highlight your eyebrows and give them more definition.

2) In the corners of your eyes

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White eyeliner is a great way to make your eyes look bigger, especially if you have hooded lids. It also gives the effect of widening your eye space, so using it in the corners of your eyes can really make your makeup pop. Pairing white liner with black mascara and brown eyeshadow will make your eyes look more colorful and bright, perfect for that night-out vibe. You can use white eyeliner on its own as a subtle yet striking look. Or you can use it over powder to give it more substance and hold—it’s up to you! If you don’t have hooded lids, white eyeliner can still help open up your eyes. Simply draw a small line in a V shape to pull your eyes apart while they’re open, making them look wider. If you have monolids and want to play up your almond-shaped eyes, white eyeliner will create an illusion of bigger windows for your eye color to pop through. Don’t go overboard or it might look unnatural; one gentle, light line should do! If you want even more drama with your white liner, try a winged effect on either side of your lash line—you’ll be left with two sets of wings for an angelic and edgy look.

3) Touch of Pearl

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Start with an eye primer to make sure that your base coat is even. This will help the white eyeliner show up evenly and stay in place. Try using a thicker, matte base so that it will stay longer.
Next, draw a line along the lash line of the top eyelid only. It’s best to start small if you’re just starting out so you don’t overdo it. Make sure to be careful when doing this as a single mistake can look bad!
Add a second line below that one to make it pop. Blend well with a cotton swab or brush and then apply your mascara. The resulting look will give you an extra doll-like appearance, while also making your eyes appear larger and brighter! If you don’t have white eyeliner on hand, you can try using highlighter instead. Swipe it along your lash line as normal, following up with your mascara to lock it in place. This trick works especially well if you’re going for a fresh-faced look or want to go without make-up entirely!

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