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3 Iconic Eyeliner Looks to Channel Your Inner Rockstar


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Makeup lovers, listen up! Today, we’re looking at three iconic eyeliner looks that you can use to channel your inner Rockstar, whether you’re going out on the town or just want to feel a little bad-ass at work. These looks are fun and easy to achieve, so grab some makeup and get ready to get creative!
Eyeliner can be used to accentuate your eyes and make them stand out, or it can be used to create bold, daring looks that are almost too much to handle. The latter is ideal if you’re the type of person who loves being in the spotlight and expressing your bold personality with an expressive style that says, Here I am! These three iconic eyeliner looks will help you do just that!

1) The Winged Look

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The winged look is one of the most iconic eyeliner looks. Here’s how you can rock this signature eyeliner technique. First, draw a line from the inside corner of your eye across your lash line. Be sure that the wing is long enough on either side so that it forms a triangle, but not too long or it will overpower your eyes. To achieve a thicker wing, use a straight eyeliner brush like an angle liner brush and taper the end slightly so you can get as close to the lashes as possible. For more drama, opt for liquid or gel eyeliners with strong pigments and take your time when lining along your upper lash line. To finish up, blend out any harsh lines with a cotton swab and add mascara!

2) The Classic Lid

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  1. Prepare your eye lids with primer to maximize the pigment on your lid. Then apply a light-weight, flesh tone eyeshadow close to the lash line of your eye. Finally, go over it with a darker brown in order to blend it together seamlessly.
  2. Make a straight, single stroke from the corner of your eye towards the opposite side of the lid, hugging close against the lashes and feathering it out towards your crease by pivoting your wrist in an upward motion as you draw outward towards yourself. Then follow up by bringing down another curved line that bends inwards at the end at 45 degrees and intersects right where you began drawing upwards.
  3. Using a line of liquid liner, repeat step 2 on your other eye and then go over it with black eyeshadow or eyeliner pencil in order to create a completely symmetrical line with no gaps between it and your lashes. After both eyes are done, use an eyelash curler to get maximum volume out of your lashes before using mascara. Then, curl your lashes upwards while applying two coats of volumizing mascara in order to get a full impact without clumps.
    Then apply red lipstick or lip gloss for some added color!

3) The Smoky Eye

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When it comes to iconic looks, the smoky eye takes the cake. Seen on nearly every red carpet and awards show, this glamorous makeup staple is perfect for making eyes pop. Follow these tips and add a generous coat of liquid or gel liner over your lashes from root to tip for an instant smoky-eye look. You can also try using a matte black pencil eyeliner for a no-fuss alternative. Just be sure to curl your lashes beforehand so you don’t end up with raccoon eyes at the end of the night!
1) Prime your eyelids with a thin layer of cream or powder eye shadow before applying liner to minimize any issues with creasing.
2) Try lining your lower lash line as well for a more dramatic effect.
3) Top off your look with a generous coat of mascara. Lash extensions and individual false lashes are a great way to get an even more dramatic effect, but be sure you leave ample time for them to dry before touching them.

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