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15 Prime Day Gaming Gear Deals (2022): Laptops, Headsets, Desktops, Monitors, and More


video games can Is an expensive hobby, but that only makes scoring deals all the more important. Whether you’re looking for a new gaming laptop, a better mouse, or any gadget stuffed with RGB LEDs, there are plenty of deals for you today.

The WIRED Gear team tests products throughout the year. We hand curated hundreds of thousands of transactions to make these choices. The crossed out product is out of stock Or no more discounts. Our Amazon Prime Day coverage page features the latest stories, and our Prime Day shopping tips will help you avoid bad deals.You can also get a Subscribe to WIRED for 1 year for $5 here.

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Gaming Platform Offers

alien aurora

Photo: Alien

The Aurora R14 is an updated version of one of our favorite gaming desktops. It has Alienware’s signature sleek chassis, RTX 3080 graphics, and 32 GB of RAM, making it a beastly machine.

Razer makes some of the best gaming laptops in the world, and the Razer Blade 14 is one of our favorites. It features an RTX 3080 graphics card, 16 GB RAM, and a 1 TB SSD for silky-smooth gaming even when you’re away from home.

Few manufacturers can compete with Razer in the gaming laptop space, but Asus is one of them. Thanks to its RTX 3080 graphics, 16:10 wide and narrow bezel (edge) display, and AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS processor, the Rog Zephyrus G15 is one of our overall top picks for gaming laptops in 2022.

TV and Monitor Deals

Photo: LG

This OLED TV from LG (8/10, WIRED recommended) supports 4K HDR gaming at up to 120 frames per second (fps), as well as Nvidia’s G-Sync or AMD’s FreeSync for the smoothest gaming on either of our Best looking screen ever tested. It also has a smaller 48-inch version for $797.

Ultrawide monitors like the AOC offer more peripheral vision coverage than typical monitors, which is a great asset to have when gaming. If you want to immerse yourself in the games you play, this monitor is one of our favorite ultrawide monitors.

For the performance-conscious, this LG Ultragear monitor features a 1080p panel but boasts speeds of up to 240 fps for the smoothest motion even in fast-paced games. It’s compatible with Nvidia G-Sync and AMD’s FreeSync, and the included base is adjustable for height, tilt and pivot.

Okay, Philips Hue lights aren’t technically specific to games, but what gamer doesn’t need more RGB lights? This kit is our upgrade pick, and it’s one of the most popular (and most expensive) smart lighting systems around. This is a good deal for a starter package as long as you’re willing to stick with the pricier system for the long term.

Accessories deals

Photo: Razer

It’s hard to find a perfect mouse, but the Razer Viper Ultimate is close at hand. It’s our top pick for a wireless mouse with a dock, and it’s been our top pick in the past due to its ambidextrous design, clever charging dock, and convenient dongle storage.

There aren’t many buttons on a gaming mouse. That’s how I do it. That’s what Razer does. So far it works great. This mouse is one of our favorites, thanks in large part to its 19 customizable buttons, making it a customizable Swiss Army Knife for gamers and workers alike.

This charging station is one of our picks for PS5 accessories, and for good reason. It’s a convenient way to make sure your controller stays charged between sessions, and it matches the showy design sensibilities of the PS5 itself, so it fits your entertainment unit.

As games get bigger, they never run out of storage space. Fortunately, slim SSDs like WD make it easy to expand storage on a PC or PS5. This model packs 1 TB of storage into a compact memory stick.

The latest console or fastest gaming PC won’t matter if you don’t have enough bandwidth to download or play games on it. This mesh Wi-Fi system from Orbi is our top pick for larger homes, giving your network better coverage and faster speeds no matter how far away you are from your router. It’s been at this price a few times over the past few months, but it doesn’t stop there.

Headphone deals

Photo: Steel Collection

These headphones are already one of our favorites under $50, but this deal makes it even sweeter. The wireless version of the Arctis 1 (8/10, wired recommended) impressed us with its rich sound and clear mic quality. This model is basically the same, but uses a wired connection.

The Bluetooth version of the Arctis 3 is our top pick for Switch players who want to use voice chat. However, this wired option is still a great headset that can be hooked up to any platform, making it a versatile and inexpensive set of cans.

SteelSeries’ Arctis Prime (8/10, recommended by WIRED) is our top pick for midrange gaming headsets under $100.However, it is now method under $100. If you want a better-than-average pair of headphones without breaking the bank, now is the time.

Logitech’s G Pro X is currently our top pick for the best wireless gaming headset. It supports PC, PlayStation, and has solid battery life. Its DTX:S object-based surround sound makes it easy to hear exactly where your in-game enemies are, while Logitech’s G Hub software supports extensive audio customization options.

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