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10 Best Body in Bollywood: Shredded and Muscular Males, actors or bodybuilders?


While reading inspirational quotes about health and fitness is fun, reading it alone will not improve your health or fitness. Setting fitness goals takes a lot of time and effort, from demanding workouts to strict diets.

Some actors are purely there to work in great form in the movie, while others are just for fun.

Bollywood actors put a lot of effort into their training in order to be successful in this industry. We all love it when our favorite character decides to take off his shirt and reveal his six-pack!

Bollywood’s greatest physique is both competitive and unexpected! Here we list the top 10 actors who will make you want a tattered and muscular body.


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1- Tiger Slov

Thanks to his martial arts and gymnastics expertise, the tiger can move with flexibility and precision despite having functional muscles. He only works on strengthening his upper body to generate explosive power, resulting in a well-developed upper body.

A similar physique can be achieved with 3 push/pull splits per week and skill-based training (martial arts and gymnastics talent) twice per week.

2- Vidiut Jamwal

Gymnastics and martial arts are combined in Vidyut Jamwal’s training. This workout video is enough to show that he’s a true B-Town action hero.

From the age of 3, he began to learn Indian martial arts known as kalaripayattu. He eats only six small meals throughout the day and does not stick to any diet.

Vidyut Jamwal works out every day from 6am to 11am and 5pm to 9pm. He only takes a break on days when he feels his body needs a break. 5 days of martial arts training and 2 days of weight training are usually part of a Vidyut Jamwal fitness program. Vidyut only went to the gym for strength training and didn’t spend much time there.

3 – John Abraham

John eats a lot of protein-rich foods and has a great breakfast. His balanced diet, including equal parts vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, was the key to his slimming.

To maximize his workouts, John likes to focus on two different body parts each day: a major muscle group and a smaller muscle group. From start to finish, John is a muscular guy:

4- Salman Khan

Salman, who picked up the habit as a teenage swimmer competing at the national level, says he does cardio every day without fail. The superstar works out for an hour in the morning before lifting weights.

The actor also took part in a two-hour hike and did long walks on his fields. Salman focuses on volume sets, which require 10-12 different variations of each exercise for a total of 5 sets and 20 repetitions.

5 – Hrithik Roshan

The 42-year-old actor is a true fitness freak who never skips a training session, no matter what. He also takes his nutrition equally seriously, as he insists on eating well to stay in shape.

He’s a true role model for aspiring bodybuilders looking to emulate their favorite B-town celebrities by adopting his program.

6- Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan is one of the most famous stars in India and he is 100% in any role, be it romance, action or comedy. After three years in power, SRK is making a comeback in a different incarnation, sharing looks from his upcoming film Pathaan and Jawan.

The 56-year-old SRK maintains a six-pack, he’s never worked out a muscular body, but prefers to be lean.

7- Aamir Khan

Amir’s dramatic body changes have been noticed by his fans. He is an example of getting fat to fit. He said this period has been particularly challenging for him. He used to exercise 7-8 hours a day. He used to climb mountains for three or four hours a day. He used to have lunch at noon. Then there’s two hours of downtime.

He used to work out in the gym for an hour. Then spend an hour in the pool doing cardio. After that, he would walk for two hours, then play tennis or cycle for two hours.

8- Sonusud

Sonu Sood describes herself as an extreme fitness fanatic. Every day, he goes to the gym to work out for two hours. He’s changing his practice every week. In Sonu Sood’s fitness program, cardio requires 20 minutes.

He stretches to help calm the body and continues with a 20-minute ab workout. He just increased the number of sets while preferring to use lighter weights.

9- Ranveer Singh

Ranveer’s philosophy is to stay fit, not fit. He doesn’t skip workouts and likes to work hard.

Ranveer claimed in an interview that star Hrithik Roshan was his fitness inspiration. After seeing Hrithik’s toned body, Ranveer was motivated to work out to get a physique similar to Hrithik’s.

10 – Wallendawan

Warren is a loyal follower of Sylvester Stallone. Varun has always had the inspiration to lift dumbbells, thanks to his idol, a star with one of the best physiques in Hollywood.

However, Wallen’s body was very different from Stallone in one important respect: Wallen was remarkably slender and flexible. Everyone’s definition of fitness, health, and the human body is different, and Varun has some unique ideas about what constitutes fitness.

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